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Greeting my relatives, friends, and supporters,

It is with great honor that I get a chance to speak with you even though 
it's a written message that someone has to read.

I'm saddened that we have to call this a Day of Mourning, but we must 
take every opportunity to remind this nation when it comes to keeping 
their word about treaties, about human rights, about the environment, 
about excess pollution - that it has failed miserably on all of those 
concerns. Also want to remind the major religions that speak about peace 
and love and brotherhood and are celebrating this thing called 
Thanksgiving, that we the native people of this land realistically 
overall have nothing to truly be thankful about regarding the arrival of 
the pilgrims.

And I would also like to remind the major various religions of this 
country that in all their teachings it says you reap what you sow. And 
if that is a true statement, if that is the law given by the Creator, 
then you have to only look around at the news of the day to see that 
that statement is coming to pass. This country is not keeping its solemn 
word under god that it gave regarding our treaties. And they don't keep 
their own Scriptures that say not to bear false witness or lie. They've 
tried to keep us from honoring our fathers by destroying our culture. 
They violated their word where it says "thou shalt not kill", violated 
every one of their commandments regarding our people in this land. And 
they will truly reap what they sow.

I also want to say that in the spirit of compassion and reason, and 
fairness, and forgiveness, that its never too late to turn things 
around. Actually I should say that's not quite correct, it can be too 
late. There's an old Cheyenne saying that a nation is never destroyed 
until the hearts of its women are on the ground. And if you look around 
you will see the decline of America. And it is entirely possible that 
that teaching is not far off. One thing as a people that we do have to 
be thankful for and thankful to the Creator only, we are still alive we 
are still a people. And we still know who we are, we still have a 
commitment to the Creator to protect this land, we still have a 
commitment to protect the laws of nature that were given unto us, to our 
ancestors. We are probably the only people on this continent that would 
be better off if this whole system fell apart. Because we possess the 
knowledge, the teaching and the culture to live in harmony with that 
which the Creator has given us.

I want to encourage all the young people, to always remember your health 
and the health of the earth are the most important things that you 
possess. And that self-discipline is the most important thing that you 
can learn. And taking responsibility for ourselves and our future is the 
most empowering thing that we can do. Right now you are listening to my 
words the words of a man in prison for 30 something years. A man who has 
had limited contact and yet I am able to speak to you now. And the 
reason I am saying this is because with all the freedom that you do 
possess you could do so much more. Educate yourself to our true history, 
educate yourself to what is really going on today, and educate yourself 
as to what needs to be done to make a better tomorrow for yourselves and 
your children's children, our future generations.

Again I want to say I am just an ordinary man caught up in extraordinary 
circumstances. There is nothing that I have done or said that you cannot 
do or say and much better because you possess more freedom than I do. We 
need each other. If I am ever to be free, I need you. And the truth is, 
none of us are truly free right now, because any people who is afraid of 
their government, is not free. We all need to be warriors of one. Each 
needs to know how to defend themselves on any level. And as I've said 
before we need to recapture the freedoms we've lost and protect the ones 
we still have.

In closing I want to encourage each and every one of you to stand up in 
your own way in whatever way you can for what's right, try to right 
what's wrong and know that in my heart and in whatever way I can help 
you, that I will be with you. We need each other, you need each other, 
and we need the help of all peoples to correct this great damage that is 
taking place throughout the earth. Our battle is not with a race a 
people or a color, our battle is with ignorance and greed that is ruling 
the governments of men today.

Again I want to thank you and in the spirit of crazy horse and all those 
beautiful people that have stood up for what's right in the past, and 
the ones standing up now. Stay strong and support one another,

Your Friend Always and in All Ways,

Leonard Peltier

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