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Update on Brother Mondo We Langa
Alumni member of the Black Panther Party incarcerated in the Nebraska 
State Penitentiary.

/The Jericho Community helped express concern for our brother and made 
it clear that people across the country are interested in Mondo and 
co-defendant Ed Poindexter’s case and in their well-being. Thank YOU! 
Your voices helped. Further correspondence with the prison 
(diane.sabatka-rine at nebraska.gov 
<mailto:diane.sabatka-rine at nebraska.gov>) should indicate that the 
schedule changes and especially the inordinate number of hours in cells 
with limited opportunities for circulation put undue stress on Mondo and 
other senior prisoners complicating their health issues. /

/We continue to request that the senior prisoners be given an alternate 
schedule and special attention to their health needs. The Warden’s 
number is 402-479-3216 <tel:402-479-3216>. Her email is 
diane.sabatka-rine at nebraska.gov <mailto:diane.sabatka-rine at nebraska.gov>./

The Nebraska Jericho met with Mondo We Langa (formerly David Rice) of 
the Omaha Two on November 4^th , 2012. Mondo had been vesting the 
infirmary for two weeks for breathing treatments. At that time Mondo was 
too sick and weak to eat in the lunch hall. He was thinner than ever 
certainly not over 100 lbs. Mondo related:

A lockdown began on August 2^nd as a result of fighting between some of 
the younger guys. The administration put the entire prison system (the 
Penn at Lincoln as well as at Tecumseh) on a modified schedule. Mondo 
said that means 22 hours per day in the cells with time out only for 
meals. After a couple of months another hour of out-of-cell time was for 
day room or recreation. Mondo said he has had several attacks during 
where he could not get his breath at all. He said that at times the 
air-condition system did not work and mold grew in his unit. After 
several trips to the infirmary he was diagnosed with COPD. He said the 
extremely long lockdown of the prison has either caused or exacerbated 
his problem breathing.

The next morning the Nebraska Jericho contacted the following persons: 
Mondo’s local Attorney Tim Ashford who said he would go into the Prison; 
Nebraska State Senator Chambers who has a long record of defending 
prisoner’s rights at that institution; James Davis in the State 
Ombudsman’s office. Davis agreed to go and see Mondo and try and 
investigate and support Mondo’s request for an outside physician to 
examine him. Anne Else who acts as a paralegal for Mondo’s long time 
attorney Lennox Hinds helped create a list of persons who could call in 
and check on Mondo.

Several members of the National Jericho Staff and other activists made 
calls to the prison last week. These calls are much appreciated and the 
Prison staff is aware of the concern for Mondo’s health. On Thursday, 
November 8, Nebraska Jericho spoke again with the Prison Administration 
and with public relations officer Win Barber, who wants email 
communications describing our complaint about the lengthy lockdown and 
the disproportionate impact upon the older prisoners. This may help to 
create an alternate schedule for the more senior people and those who 
are ill. .. We are now told that the situation at the prison is no 
longer a lockdown but rather “Movement by Unit.” So that units are 
allowed out in the yard one group at a time. We will follow up to find 
out what the new conditions are for getting out of the cells…

We were able to speak with the prison physician Dr. Cole (402-479-5931 
<tel:%28402-479-5931>). We learned that Mondo is still be treated for 
problems breathing and that he will remain in the infirmary this time 
until his condition improves and stabilizes. He also will take meals 
there in order to regain his strength.

Dr. Cole said that Lennox had requested an outside physician, or second 
opinion and the institution was awaiting the name of that person. We 
spoke to Anne today and learned that the University of Nebraska Medical 
Center or Creighton University Med. Center will likely supply the 

To Learn More about the Omaha Two (Mondo and Ed’s Case) See:
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