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Since December 13, 1994, Indiana Political Prisoner Khalfani Malik 
Khaldun (aka Leonard McQuay #874304) has been held in control units, 
i.e. administrative segregation or isolation. It began when Indiana 
State Police and Indiana Department of Correction prison investigators 
manufactured a murder charge against him when Indiana State Prison (ISP) 
guard Phillip Curry was stabbed and killed.

Brother Khalfani, having established his presence in the system as a 
Muslim and New Afrikan revolutionary educator and professed his strong 
sense of radical politics and culture, was bounced from unit to unit. In 
January of 2003 he was transferred to Wabash Valley Correctional 
Facility and placed in the SCU (Special Confinement Unit), where he 
engaged in years of civil state and federal litigation, while being 
targeted, slandered, and misrepresented by racist prisoncrats and other 
collaborating prisoners whose agendas he litigated against.

For years his food was tampered with and his incoming and outgoing mail 
was, when it was not “lost,” was sometimes re-directed to the mail bags 
of other, racist prisoners who opposed everything Khalfani stands for, 
with the intention of sending idle threats or discouraging words to 
destroy his outside support.

While on SCU, Khalfani pursued and completed every single available 
educational program, with the intention of meeting the criteria 
necessary to be reintegrated back into general population. His 
completion of the ACT program, a program meant to serve as an incentive 
for such release, worked for other prisoners, but not for Khalfani. 
Despite the fact that the contract entered into in this program 
specified that reintegration as a goal, Khalfani was denied. He never 
gave up his intention to be released.

He launched a series of classification appeals demanding a full A/S 
review with the superintendent p[resent to substantiate that he should 
be released. In a nine-month period his request would be granted, and he 
was reviewed by the superintendent four times. Superintendent Richard 
Brown wanted to release Khalfani to Wabash Valley general population. He 
tried to negotiate this release, but Director of Prisons James Basinger, 
along with Governor Mitch Daniels, said no.

In conjunction with his pending civil litigation, on April 4, 2012 
Khalfani filed a motion requesting the court to issue a permanent 
injunction order to the Department of Correction to release him to 
general population, with a memorandum of law in support of said motion.

Once the deputy Attorney General, representing the state defendants in 
the suit, received a copy of the injunction, in short order the 
prisoncrats served his transfer papers for department wide 
administrative segregation at Pendleton Correctional Facility. Khalfani 
signed the papers and he was transferred on 4/8/2012. Instead of 
releasing him to population, he was housed in G-cell house and 17-2 
range, designated as long term ad seg. This range consists of 21 cells 
where prisoners are allowed to have one-hour recreation five days a 
week, every other week day and weekends, and showers three days a week, 
forcing them to take bird baths in the sink on the off days.

He has no physical contact with anyone. When he is removed from his cell 
his is escorted by two officers and attached to a dog leash. The 
recreational activities take place in a “dog cage.”

There are 14-18 prisoners out at a time in adjacent cages.

He is allowed to clean his cell once a week, on Sundays. He is allowed 
to participate in the prison canteen (commissary), and when he has funds 
may order up to $120.00 in food products and $50.00 in hygiene products 
every two weeks. We encourage you to help this freedom fighter and 
political prisoner to regroup after having spent more than nine years 
exposed to low-intensity psychological warfare, housed in the barbaric 
conditions of Indiana’s Special Confinement Units.

If you wish to aid in helping rebuild his survival box, you may contact 
us on the address of this release. He has received very little mail from 
the outside of late. The years of disappointment have taken their toll 
on both Khalfani and his outside supporters. We call on you to send our 
comrade some light and some love up there in that prison plantation. We 
need to serve notice on the prisoncrats that he is not alone. We got his 
back. We need to send a message that we are our brothers’ keepers no 
matter what.

You may contact Khalfani personally at the address below:
Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun
(L. McQuay) #874304 GCH 17-2C
Pendleton Correctional Facility
4490 W. Reformatory Road
Pendleton, IN 46064

If you wish to make a contribution to help the campaign to free Khalfani 
and aid in his survival package, send a check or postal money order 
addressed to the person below, and he will transfer it to his account 
(only those on his visitors list may transfer money to him).

Please distribute this release as widely as possible in the left 
community, post of Facebook, whatever. We appreciate your reading and 
digesting this message and appeal.

Mark Thiel Attn: Khalfani Fund
30 N. 19^th Street
Lafayette, IN 47904

Freedom Archives 522 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94110 415 
863-9977 www.freedomarchives.org
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