[Ppnews] DOC wants Mumia to cut his hair to get out of solitary

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Fri Jan 13 21:28:23 EST 2012

In a statement issued late Thursday, January 12, an attorney for 
Mumia Abu-Jamal reported that he has been given a new reason for his 
continued solitary confinement - his long dreadlocks.

Prison authorities at SCI Mahanoy claim Abu-Jamal will be held in the 
Restricted Housing Unit on disciplinary custody until he cuts his 
hair. This is an old tactic that was used against Mumia when he was a 
death row prisoner. He spent 8 years on disciplinary status in death 
row until he was removed from that status--without getting a 
haircut--in the early 1990s.

It has taken prison officials five weeks to invent this new pretext 
for continuing the  30-year-long solitary confinement torture of 
Abu-Jamal. Mumia and his supporters are calling for his immediate 
release to general population and the shut down of all of the 
solitary units in PA.

a petition to transfer Mumia out of the hole.

Read and forward this press release from the National Lawyers Guild: 
death row transfer, NLG VP Mumia Abu-Jamal languishes in solitary"

Contact Department of Corrections officials and let them know you are 
not fooled and will not tolerate efforts to silence and torture Mumia:

1) Write, Phone, and email the Secretary of Corrections: Demand that 
Mumia be transferred to General Population! And demand the shutdown 
of RHU (Restricted Housing Unit) Torture Blocks!
John Wetzl, Secretary Department of Corrections
2520 Lisburn Road, P.O. Box 598, Camp Hill, PA 
17001-0598                                   (717) 975-4928  Email: 
<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=5qflbvcab&et=1109080485165&s=795&e=0015zSynsyEabbLPBhfFI09Xv-BwGRdJdEXDi8HXMoWBdzIvZNav-lyqNxRR7ue1nkuMcEABF8C3YcKX29WIzEIv65KtPsxkeZFJnp1ePNguCMnwrf49NeciUR0rDG_A-WMriFO6KUspBmsUPajE76P-3b5IvgCoRpJMg1KH66rRlRhiwdyVPPB_A==>ra-contactdoc at pa.gov 

2) Write, Phone, and email the Superintendent:
John Kerestes, Superintendent
SCI Mahanoy
301 Morea Road
Frackville, PA 17932
(570) 773-2158  Fax: (570) 783-2008

3) Write, Phone, and email the Philadelphia DA. Demand that they 
petition the court to free Mumia, based on suppression of evidence. 
They have buried evidence and the truth for 30 years. The police 
corruption and the frame up of
Mumia must be exposed.
Seth Williams, DA Philadelphia
Three South Penn Square
Philadelphia, PA 19107-3499
(215) 686-8000  Email: 
<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=5qflbvcab&et=1109080485165&s=795&e=0015zSynsyEabbp2RUl8Y92p-7cpnBpWqXGzdZ9dhSBqjVsO92aa6cZFZIqZEr2e_Zs1AdVtikTlrO8599ag5JV-R-J0jXMophZreUtRmzWMgys964wL3chonO56EHuHgEeZ40RahLGK5oUyZWhhQC7crDMjvcnVXqhABCjAQ-dRh-V7ucU5IGvzA==>DA_Central at phila.gov 

and finally, send Mumia a note or a card:
Mumia Abu-Jamal
AM 8335
SCI Mahanoy
301 Morea Road
Frackville, PA 17932

Freedom Archives
522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

415 863-9977

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