[Ppnews] Adnan’s Health Condition is stable after Surgery at Ziv Hospital

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Tue Feb 28 11:04:45 EST 2012

Health Condition is stable after Surgery at Ziv Hospital

Published on Tuesday, 28 February 2012 14:20


On Tuesday, lawyer Raed Mahamed from the Palestinian Prisoner's 
Society, stated during his visit to Khader Adnan in Ziv hospital in 
Safad that the prisoners health condition is now stable following surgery.

According to Mahamed, Khader Adnan suffered from severe abdominal 
pain for two days before he was escorted to hospital for an 
examination. The doctors found that Adnan had an obstruction in his 
intestine, a consequence of 66 days of hunger strike and needed 
immediate medical intervention.

Islamic Jihad leader suspended his hunger strike last week, following 
the agreement between the societies lawyer Jawad Bolus and the public 
prosecution in Israel that they will not renew his administrative 
detention after he has finished the four month period, taking into 
account the interrogation period from 17th September 2011, and are 
now treating him until he has totally recovered.

Adnan's family said that they received a phone call at dawn from the 
representative of the "doctors' organization for Human rights" in 
which he said the emergency surgery that was performed on Adnan, due 
to obstruction in the arteries of the stomach, was successful. Adnan 
has left the operation room in the hospital where he was detained for a month.

The Palestinian Prisoners' Society called for the immediate release 
of Adnan and condemned the Israeli authority for the administrative 
detention and holds them fully responsible for Adnan's health and 
full recovery.

Detainee "Adnan" Undergoes Surgery


Tuesday February 28, 2012 11:21
 by Victoria Awad - 1 of International Middle East Media Center 
Editorial Group

Sheikh Khader Adnan, who ended his hunger strike last week after 66 
days after Israel agreed to release him this April, was under a 
night-long Gastrointestinal surgery at the Zeef Hospital in Safad due 
to blockage in his intestines.

Former political detainee, Rafah Hamdouna, called on the Palestinian 
Prisoners Society, human rights groups, and several medical and human 
rights group to follow-up on Adnan's case, and to ensure that Israeli 
allows Palestinian medical teams to visit him.

Adnan faced a near-death condition during his hunger strike but he 
insisted on not halting his strike until Israel orders his release 
especially since he is held without any charges.

Although Adnan agreed to begin taking food again last Tuesday, his 
health is still at risk, due to the length of time he was without 
food. Medics have warned that his body may reject the food, and he 
could still die of organ failure.

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