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Anonymous Vandalizes US Prison Contractors' Site

By RAPHAEL SATTER Associated Press
LONDON February 24, 2012 (AP)

The website of an international prison contractor 
was defaced by hackers who on Friday replaced the 
company's home page with a hip-hop homage devoted 
to former death row inmate Mumia Abu Jamal.

Hackers allied to the loose-knit Anonymous 
movement claimed responsibility for vandalizing 
the site of Boca Raton, Florida-based GEO Group 
Inc., which manages some 60 custodial facilities 
in Europe, North America, Australia and South Africa.

A call to the GEO Group Inc. was routed to The 
GEO Group Foundation, a charitable organization 
linked to the company. The foundation's Abraham 
Cohen refused to discuss the attack, asking that 
questions be submitted in writing to the 
foundation's Executive Director Pablo Paez.

Paez didn't immediately respond to emails seeking comment.

Anonymous said in a statement posted to the 
stricken website that its hack was "part of our 
ongoing efforts to dismantle the prison industrial complex."

Earlier Friday, Anonymous claimed credit for 
defacing the website of a Dayton, Ohio-based 
chapter of Infragard, a public-private 
partnership for critical infrastructure 
protection sponsored by the FBI. The group's site 
was replaced by a video of Coolio's 1995 rap hit, "Gangsta's Paradise."

The FBI declined to comment on that attack.

Anonymous, an amorphous collection of activists 
and Internet mischief-makers, has increasingly 
focused its energy on military, police and 
security companies in recent months. Among its 
most spectacular coups: The interception of a 
conference call between FBI and Scotland Yard 
cyber-investigators working to track them down.

At least one element within the group has 
promised weekly attacks on government-linked targets.

Hacker campaign targets US prison contractor

(AFP) – 15 minutes ago

SAN FRANCISCO ­ Hacker group Anonymous on Friday 
vandalized the website of a major US prison 
contractor in the latest salvo in an anti-police campaign.

Anonymous subgroup "Antisec" took credit for 
replacing The Geo Group website home page with a 
rap song dedicated in part to convicted murderer 
[sic] Mumia Abu-Jamal and a message condemning 
prisons and policing in the United States.

Mumia Abu-Jamal, whose birth name is Wesley Cook, 
is a former Black Panther and radio journalist 
serving a life sentence for the 1981 shooting 
death of a police officer in Philadelphia.

Activists around the world have rallied in 
support of the former Death Row inmate, who they 
contend fell prey to racism in the justice system.

"As part of our ongoing efforts to dismantle the 
prison industrial complex, we attacked one of the 
largest private prison corporations in the US - 
Geo Group," Anonymous said in a message posted at the Geo Group website.

"We are acting in solidarity with all those who 
have ever been wrongfully profiled, arrested, 
brutalized, incarcerated, and have had all 
dignity and humanity stripped from them as they 
are cast into the gulags of America."

The Geo Group manages prisons, mental health 
facilities, or detention centers in Australia, 
Britain, South Africa, and North America. The 
corporation reported $77.5 million in net profit 
on $1.6 billion in revenue last year.

Anonymous took credit Thursday for an online raid 
of the Los Angeles Police Canine Association and 
the posting of personal and potentially embarrassing information.

"Over the past three weeks, we in the cabin have 
been targeting law enforcement sites across the 
United States," hackers said in a message atop a 
file at <http://Pastebin.com>Pastebin.com 
containing officers' addresses, phone numbers and more.

"Be it for injustices they have allowed through 
ignorance or naivety, taken part in, or to point 
out the fact that their insecurity failed to 
protect the safety of those they took an oath to 
serve," the group said of its motives.

The hackers claimed to have gotten the addresses 
of more than 1,000 officers along with 
information from police warrants and court 
summonses as well as about informants in their 
weeks-long series of attacks on police computers.

Anonymous law enforcement targets in recent weeks 
have included the websites of the Central 
Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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