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NOTE- As of 2/5/2012 Oso Blanco's supporters are asking that calls me 
directed to SMU Louisiana rather than Louisburg. Please note the 
updated contact info below.

Stand up for Captive Cherokee Warrior Oso Blanco


In October, Cherokee political prisoner Byron Shane of Chubbuck (also 
known as Oso Blanco and Yona Unega)  was preparing for a federal 
transfer from USP Lewisburg to FCI Oakdale, Louisiana, Special 
Management Unit (SMU).  Lewisburg staff were well aware of the vital 
tribal documents included in his property which were packed out 
intact by Mr. Vey on October 4, 2011.

This transfer was canceled.There was a lot of delay and confusion in 
getting Oso Blanco's property returned to him. Property came back 
from Oakdale, Louisiana and was unpacked on January 13, 2012. Oso 
Blanco's address book was torn in two. Vital documents that had been 
inserted inside and held with a rubber band were missing. Other items 
were missing. Generally the property was ransacked in a manner well 
beyond simple negligence or sloppiness but rather, showing clear 
signs deliberate destruction.

*Missing documents include the following:

*Copy of old original blue card
(Cherokee citizenship enrollment official document)

*New original blue card

*Eagle permit
(us federal fish and wildlife recognition of a member of a federally 
recognized tribe allowed to possess eagle feathers for traditional 
spiritual purposes)


This latest example of vindictive abuse from the Bureau of Prisons is 
part of a long-term pattern of targeted harassment  Oso Blanco his 
refusal to cooperate with political incarceration by the United 
States as he does not recognize the us as having any legitimate power 
over him as a sovereign Cherokee.

This latest round of harassment in the form of ransacked and stolen 
property comes as retribution for his filing on the basis of the US 
having no plenary powers over indigenous nations as articulated by 
Steven T Newcomb in his article, "No Plenary Power Over Indian Nations".

Oso Blanco has asserted his sovereignty as a Cherokee not subject to 
bogus criminalization so his captors have responded by trying to 
erase the documentation that proves his Cherokee citizenship.


On Monday, February 6th, starting at 9am Eastern time, call Oakdale
and demand that inmate Byron Shane Chubbuck (#07909-051)'s missing property be
recovered and returned to him intact.

Call FCI Oakdale at 318-335-4070 and ask for Warden Joseph P Young's office.

Alternately ask for the Receiving and Discharge (R&D) Department or 
the Security Investigative Section (SIS) of the Special Management Unit (SMU).

Email sbrooklynabcf [at] riseup [dot] net to let us know how calls 
are going and/or comment on posts.

After calling or making a commitment to call yourself, forward, 
repaste,repost, facebook, tweet, text,  talk, and/or make flyers to hand out.

Oso Blanco also asks that you take a moment to read Steve Newcomb's 
"No Plenary Powers Over Indian Nations"


Read more about Oso Blanco here:



Byron Shane of Chubbuck
P.O. Box 1000
Lewisburg, PA 17837
USP Lewisburg

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