[Ppnews] Palestine - Sharawna Suspends His Hunger Strike

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Mon Dec 24 12:29:24 EST 2012

  Sharawna Suspends His Hunger Strike

author Monday December 24, 2012 13:09author by Saed Bannoura - 

Palestinian Minister of Detainee, Issa Qaraqe', stated that hunger 
striking detainee Ismail Sharawna, who started his hunger strike more 
than 176 days ago, and is facing serious health deterioration, decided 
to suspend his strike for ten days following medical advice, the Maan 
News Agency reported.

Maan reported that different medical teams that visited Sharawna at the 
Ramla clinic advised him to suspend his strike as he could face sudden 
death, a stroke or paralysis and other serious health conditions.

Sharawna told Fadi Obeidat, a lawyer working for the Palestinian 
Prisoners Society (PPS) that he held talks with the Israeli Prison 
Administration, and added that he decided to grant them until the end of 
this month to fulfill their promises to release him along with hunger 
striking detainee Samer Al-Eesawy.

He added that should Israel retract its own promises, he will resume his 
open-ended strike.

Sharawna is facing a very serious health condition, his right kidney is 
not functioning while only %50 of his left kidney is functioning, and 
should he continue his trike he could lose both kidneys.

Physicians, who managed to see him, said that his body is feeding on its 
cells, his gallbladder stopped functioning and needs to be removed, and 
his intestines are not functioning at normal levels.

Obeidat said that Sharawna is facing very serious health complications, 
and that he currently looks like a skeleton, suffers from a form of 
amnesia, lost vision in his right eye, intense back pain, insomnia, 
repeatedly vomits yellow and sometimes black liquids, and is repeatedly 
dizzy in addition to the fact that he repeatedly loses consciousness.

In a letter handed to his lawyer, Sharawna said that he temporarily 
suspended his strike for ten days, and will be drinking one cup of milk, 
tea, and a bowl of soup each day in addition to vitamins (22 pills a 
day), 24 injections a day for eight days as prescribed by the doctors.

He will also be getting three injections a day for nerves, back, feet, 
kidneys and gallbladder.
As for detainee Samer Al-Eesawy, he informed Obeidat that he will 
continue his strike and will wait until this coming Thursday, December 
27, which is a date of his trial, and will decide his next step 
depending on the court's decision.

Obeidat said that doctors who examined Al-Eesawy stated that his health 
condition is critical, and that her organs are failing, in addition to 
intense pain in his back, muscles, continuous headache, and several 
other health conditions.

Samer is also unable to breathe in a normal manner, his blood pressure 
dropped to as low as 35, and is facing dizziness, fatigue, and other 
conditions; he recently started drinking water and vitamins.

He gave his lawyer a message stating that his dignity and the dignity of 
Sharawna is a main and crucial issue, and added "our battle of empty 
bowels is the battle of all detainees, all freedom fighters in the 
world, we prefer to die rather than living under oppression and 
slavery", and called on the international community to intervene and 
save the Palestinian detainees from the ongoing illegal Israeli 
policies, violations and abuse.

Both detainees, as well as dozens of Palestinian detainees, are held 
under illegal Administrative Detention orders without any charges.

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