[Ppnews] Jerusalemites on hunger strike to draw attention to the prisoners' issue

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*Jerusalemites on hunger strike to draw attention to the prisoners' issue*
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* [ 24/12/2012 - 05:07 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- Ten young Jerusalemites declared hunger 
strike, since last Tuesday after Samer al-Isawi's trial, in solidarity 
with the Palestinian strikers in Israeli jails, and set up two tents to 
pressure on the Red Cross to bear its responsibility towards the 
prisoners' demands.

Ahmed Jubeh, 21, one of the 10 hunger strikers, told PIC that - as a 
young Jerusalemite - he has no way of supporting the striker prisoners 
but to declare hunger strike, stressing that Samer al-Issawi and Ayman 
Sharawna have entered the stage of gradual death while the world stands 
silent, adding that this action aims to draw the international 
community's attention in order to save the captives' lives.

Hossam Dandis, 29, 6 days on hunger strike, stated that the reason 
behind the strike is the "international, Arab and Palestinian silence 
towards the prisoners' issue, stressing that even international human 
rights organizations do not perform the required role, "so this is the 
only way to put pressure on the Red Cross as it is responsible for 
providing assistance to prisoners inside Israeli jails," he added.

"When we started the strike, we were just three young men, but now there 
are nine of us," he said.

In addition, Shadi al-Issawi, brother of striker Samer al-Issawi, who 
went on hunger strike on Saturday, stated that the Palestinian people 
and political leadership are not interacting with the prisoners' hunger 
strike, adding that the Jerusalemite youths rebelled after seeing the 
brutal assault by the Israeli occupation forces on Samer in the court, 
and they took this individual step which is not affiliated with any 
organizations or official bodies.

For his part, Mossa Abbasi, who went on hunger strike for the fourth 
day, said that the strike is a direct message to the prisoners that the 
first initiative to support prisoners' steadfastness and national unity 
was started from Jerusalem and a message to the entire world in order to 
support the steadfastness of the prisoners.

Yassin Sabih, who went on hunger striker for the fourth day, explained 
that the prisoners have sacrificed for their freedom and their dignity 
and the dignity of the Palestinian people, this is the least we can do 
for the prisoners' issue.

He said that Ayman Sharawna and Samer al-Issawi have been on hunger 
strike for almost half a year and they need such steps to shed light on 
their cause and to motivate the rest of the Palestinian people to 
support the issue of prisoners and support their strike.

The nurse Nihal Abdul Rahman, member of  the Arab Paramedics Union 
Assembly, told PIC reporter that their presence beside the strikers was 
in order to check on their health situation, adding that until this 
moment their situation is stable and there is no health deterioration, 
particularly for blood pressure and diabetes situations.

It is noteworthy that the two young men, Hossam Dandis and Ahmed Jubeh, 
have declared their hunger strike since six consecutive days, while 
Yassin Sabih and Jihad al-Khatib went on hunger strike or the fourth 
day, and the rest of the young men went on hunger strike since 48 hours.

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