[Ppnews] After 20 Months of Court Battles, Charges Dismissed!

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Thu Dec 20 18:49:26 EST 2012

*After 20 Months of Court Battles,**
Charges Against Activist Nate Buckley Dismissed!*

In a written decision delivered this afternoon in Buffalo City Court, 
Judge Fiorella stated, “Officer Russo [NFTA] did engage in improper 
conduct which is repugnant to this Court’s sense of justice. Officer 
Russo’s motive clearly could not have been to prevent further crime or 
to protect the populace since Defendant Buckley had left the private 
property and moved onto a public sidewalk free of pedestrians.”

“It must be noted that the charges of Obstructing Governmental 
Administration in the Second Degree and Resisting Arrest flowed from the 
illegal actions of Officer Russo after Defendant Buckley had left 
Fountain Plaza. Since there was no Trespass, the subsequent charges must 
also fall.”

“It is hereby the Decision and Order of this Court that the information, 
charging Defendant Nathaniel Buckley with Trespass, Obstructing 
Governmental Administration in the Second Degree, and Resisting Arrest, 
is dismissed in the interest of justice with prejudice.”

Thank you everyone for your continued support this is a people's 
victory, we struggled as a community, and *_we_* won it as community! It 
is a victory to the testament of struggle for liberty and justice, 
against brutality and injustice! Thank you to my family, my community, 
my lawyers, thank you! There is only one last charge Obstruction of 
Governmental Administration in the latest arrest scheduled for January 
14th at 930 AM part 11 City Court.

Nate Buckley <buckleynate1 at gmail.com>

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