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*Press Release - Community Alert from The Welfare Poets
(Members arrested last night with film crew, Iz the Truth of GREP)*

Sunday, December 16th 2012


Last night, Saturday December 15th 2012, at around 5pm in East Harlem 
(El Barrio), two members of the socio-political Hip Hop fusion band, The 
Welfare Poets (Michael Pacheco - The Legendary M.I.C. and Keith Hughes - 
Dahu Alah), along with their film crew Ricky Turner and Wander Acosta 
(who are also members of the Hip Hop group Lower Class Citizens) were 
arrested while filming a music video at the NYCHA's James Weldon Johnson 
Houses by NYPD for criminal trespassing, a misdemeanor.  Additionally Iz 
The Truth (Israel Balleto) of Guerrilla Republik (a progressive Hip Hop 
clothing company and organization in which the Welfare Poets are 
directly a part of) and Boom Box were also arrested.  The Welfare Poets 
were filming footage for an upcoming music video.

In a case like this, anyone arrested is booked at a precinct (in this 
case, the NYPD Service Area #5) and sent downtown to Manhattan Central 
Booking to be processed -- for a misdemeanor a normal person would be 
out in less than 24 hours.  Although this might be the case for the two 
Welfare Poets and the others who were with them, what makes what 
happened here different is when they were all initially stopped by the 
cops, the police officers said they would probably be given a summons 
and released without going to the precinct.   Once the cops found out 
that the collective were part of The Welfare Poets, the officers started 
claiming that the group was connected to Los Macheteros and how they 
knew about them (The Welfare Poets) -- how they have has their eyes on 
the collective for some time.  The officers called their sergeant and it 
was decided to arrest the six and take them to the precinct to be booked 
and eventually sent downtown for further processing thru central booking 
where they would face an arraignment judge.  At least seven cops came to 
arrest group.

Los Macheteros (Machete-Wielders) are a clandestine militant 
organization based on the island of Puerto Rico. They campaign for, and 
support, the decolonization and independence of Puerto Rico from the 
United States. In 1983, Los Macheteros were accused of stealing 
approximately $7 million from a Wells Fargo depot in West Hartford, 
Connecticut. The money obtained from this operation was allegedly used 
to help fund the Puerto Rican independence movement. On September 23rd 
2005, the FBI assassinated its leader, Filiberto Ojeda Rios claiming it 
was an attempt to serve an arrest warrant on him, who the surrounded his 
house in Hormigueros, Puerto Rico.

We are urging anyone and everyone to first spread the word virtually 
through all your available means, and then to call down to 100 Center 
Street, the Manhattan Criminal Court Building and inquire about these 
brothers.  The Welfare Poets are long time community activist and 
educators in addition to being artists committed to addressing and 
improving the conditions of oppressed people everywhere.  Their 
unwavering commitment has made them targets over the years to units like 
the Hip Hop Police and the NYPD in general.  Whether at a rally, on 
death row, in a school or the community in general, The Welfare Poets 
have been there for all without compromise.  In the end, if you can head 
down to the courthouse in lower Manhattan at 100 Center Street today 
(now!!!), please do so.  If you are a lawyer and know of the work that 
these brothers (and sisters) do, have done and will continue to do, use 
whatever means you have to reach out on the behalf of all these 
individuals. We will not let our community artists be harassed by this 
repressive police force or any/all repressive forces in this country.

For assistance you can call:
(917) 995-6558 <tel:%28917%29%20995-6558>

To call the courthouse and inquire on the behalf of all these brother:
(646) 386-4511 <tel:%28646%29%20386-4511>

To head down there in person right now!!!!

100 Centre Street, New York, NY 10013
Take the No. 4 or 5 train to the Brooklyn Bridge Station; the C, N, R, 6 
train to Canal Street; the 1 train to Franklin Street.
Take the 1, 6 or 15 bus line.

Michael Pacheco’s arrest number: 787448
The case#: 2012ny093918

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863.9977 www.freedomarchives.org
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