[Ppnews] Seattle Grand Jury Resister Maddy Pfeiffer ordered to turn self in to prison on December 26th

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Sat Dec 15 11:45:32 EST 2012

  Grand Jury Resister Maddy Pfeiffer ordered to turn self in to prison
  on December 26th

December 15, 2012

 From Committee Against Political Repression 

Maddy Pfeiffer was steadfast in their refusal to cooperate with the 
federal witch-hunt against Pacific Northwest anarchists. They found 
guilt of civil contempt and will be sent to prison on December 26th for 
being unwilling to give any information about the people they know or 
the politics they hold. It is possible that Pfeiffer will be held until 
March of 2014.

In an earlier statement, the Committee Against Political Repression wrote:

"The state is trying to use broken windows as a reason to ruin people's 
lives. This is absurd, and I will oppose it to the fullest. This 
life-ruining system which they call "justice" is organized to defend 
property and capitalism. This system is against everything I believe in."

Currently a federal grand jury in Seattle is purportedly investigating 
the May Day protests, but it is widely decried as a witch hunt due to 
its focus only on the anarchist movement. Maddy will be joining KteeO 
Olejnik and Matt Duran who are in prison for their own dedication to 
their principles and refusal to provide information to an investigative 
body that they view as invalid. Both Oljnik and Duran remain strong in 
their resolve and appreciate the outpouring of support they have 
received from around the world.

Hundreds of supporters called and emailed District Judge Richard A Jones 
yesterday demanding an end to the grand jury investigation targeting 
people based on their political beliefs and the release of all those 
being held in contempt.

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