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*I am writing to share with you a 25-minute segment about the campaign*
*to push President Obama to pardon Native American activist Leonard 
Peltier, *
*who has spent 37 years in prison in controversial case.*
*We air a never-before-broadcast video of Peltier from an interview*
*by German journalist Claus Beegert, in which Peltier once again*
*asks for clemency. Watch and share this exclusive video footage:*

Also - Democracy Now! speaks with Peter Coyote, a well-known actor and*
*longtime friend of Peltier, who is part of a renewed effort*
*to urge Obama to grant clemency. If he carries out his full*
*sentence, Peltier will be 95 years old by the time that he is*
*released. On Friday, singers Harry Belafonte and Pete Seeger*
*will host a "Bring Leonard Peltier Home In 2012 Concert" at the*
*Beacon Theater in New York City to raise awareness of Peltier's*
*case. Coyote shares exclusive details about his experiences*
*in working with political officials and his belief that the*
*government is pointedly ignoring pleas to release Peltier, despite the 
many *
*doubts that surround the case. He tells*
*Democracy Now! that even the judge in the case personally wrote to*
*President Clinton to grant clemency because of the blatant errors*
*in the information presented at trial. Watch:*


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