[Ppnews] Statement No. 2 from PalestineStrike Leadership: We will continue until our demands are met

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No. 2 from Strike Leadership: We will continue until our demands are met

by <http://samidoun.ca/?author=1>samidoun

The Leadership Committee of the Prisoners' Hunger Strike issued a 
second statement about the continuing open hunger strike, emphasizing 
that the strike will continue until their demands are achieved and 
stating their willingness to die to achieve a decent life for 
themselves and their sisters and brothers.

The Committee released a Statement No. 2 (see 
No. 1) from the prisons of the occupation, as follows:

Statement No. 2
Issued by the Higher National Leadership Committee of the Prisoners' Struggle

This is the moment of truth, where hunger grips our bleeding wounds. 
This is a call of duty and we cannot be weak or cowardly. We are 
facing a real massacre committed by the Zionist jailers against our 
individual and collective rights, where we are confronted by torture 
and abuse on a daily basis, around the clock, in an attempt to force 
all of the hunger strikers to break the strike.

We are at a crucial and dangerous stage, and inspired by our hunger 
and our pain, speak to your conscience and affirm the following:

First, we will continue our strike. We will not go back, except by 
achieving our demands. We will not be defeated by their crimes and 
cruelty as we draft a vision for a decent life.

Second, we will take qualitative and unprecedented steps if the 
Prison Service continues to refuse our demands, and we will not 
announce these steps until the moment of implementation.

Third, we call on the masses of our people in the beseiged Gaza 
Strip, the brave West Bank and all of Palestine, and our families at 
home, to organize mass rallies and marches toward Israeli checkpoints 
in order to confront the occupation.

Fourth, we expect our Arab brothers and sisters in Egypt and Jordan 
to encircle the embassies of the Zionist entity in order to force it 
to respond to our demands.

Fifth, we call upon the free people of the world and the Arab and 
Muslim communities in all countries of the world to implement 
rallies, protests, occupations and sit-ins at Israeli embassies as an 
expression of solidarity with the prisoners' cause and to expose the 
crimes of the Zionists.

Sixth, we value highly the reporting of Palestinian and Arab 
satellite channels in their coverage of our strike, including 
Al-Jazeera, that is consistent with the pulse of our nation and its 
identity, as well as al-Aqsa TV, al-Quds TV, and call upon the Arab 
and Palestinian media to exercise their duty to our just and 
humanitariian cause.

Seventh, we are looking forward to an important and active Egyptian 
role in support of our cause and we appeal to the ruling power in 
sister Egypt to do all in its power to compel the Zionist entity to 
commit to our demands, including ending the policy of solitary 
confinement and isolation and the abolition of the "Shalit law."

Finally, We swear to continue to strike until our demands are met, no 
matter what the cost. We believe in our right to a dignified life 
even if we fall as martyrs. Our dignity is the greatest cost; we are 
committed before God; we must live with dignity or die.

Higher National Leadership Committee of the Prisoners' Struggle
April 28, 2012

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