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New evidence in legal briefs of Gerardo, Ramón and Antonio
exposes U.S. government misconduct

"Ramón and The Five should not have to defend 
against accusations broadcast into the airwaves 
and reproduced in the press by journalists who 
pretend to be independent, but in fact are being 
paid by the very Government that is prosecuting 
the victims of their stories. The motion filed on 
behalf of Ramón seeks an opportunity for redress 
of the injuries suffered because the Government 
did not disclose the fact that they were paying 
supposedly independent journalists. Had this fact 
been disclosed at the time, the lawyer for Ramón 
would have sought to protect his client from the 
influence of this tainted journalism."

William M. Norris, attorney for Ramón Labañino

"The government's conduct -- funding a propaganda 
campaign in the venue of the trial -- constitutes 
an unprecedented violation of a criminal 
defendant's right to a fair trial, and calls out for a remedy."

--Reply of Gerardo Hernández to United States' 
Response in Opposition to his Motion to Vacate, 
Set Aside, or Correct Judgment and Sentence, Under 28 U.S.C. § 2255

"The government putting news reporters and TV 
commentators on its payroll to generate 
inflammatory and highly prejudicial news 
permeating the Miami-Dade community, constituted 
a deliberate and serious breach of its promise to 
do justice. ... the government's conduct was so 
outrageous and deceitful warranting the 
imposition of the most severe sanction -- 
dismissal of the indictment in the underlying criminal case.

Memorandum for Ramón Labañino in Support of 
Motion to Vacate, Set Aside, or Correct Judgment 
and Sentence Under 28 U.S.C. § 2255

 From the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five:

Various legal briefs have been filed in 
mid-August, by the attorneys for Gerardo 
Hernández, Ramón Labañino and Antonio Guerrero, 
for their Habeas Corpus appeals. A critical issue 
has been raised in all three appeals: that of the 
egregious U.S. government misconduct in paying 
tens of thousands of dollars to purported 
independent Miami journalists, while those 
reporters filled the newspapers and airwaves with 
unsubstantiated and highly prejudicial propaganda 
against the Cuban Five, during their prosecution.

Lawyers for the Five have presented compelling 
arguments for immediate relief, largely based on 
the research conducted by the National Committee 
to Free the Cuban Five, regarding the Miami 
journalists. The National Committee and 
supporters of the Five worldwide, continue to demand their immediate freedom.

Read an interview with one of the lawyers 
the recently-filed legal documents for Gerardo, 
Ramón and Antonio 

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