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Angola 3 Newsletter, Oct. 30, 2011

Inching Towards Justice: Dedicated to the 99%

International Coalition to Free the Angola 3

As we witness the torturously slow path to justice in the cases of 
Albert and Herman, we applaud and stand in solidarity with the Occupy 
Wall Street movement. At long last, the people awaken! Wherever A3 
supporters are we urge them to join and support their local efforts 
while encouraging the inclusion of a complete overhaul of the 
criminal injustice system as part of the list of demands. Occupy Everywhere!!!

Please take the time to read Louisiana's Attorney General, Buddy 
Caldwell's recent statements on the Angola 3 case. We wonder after 40 
years and in a state filled with crisis, why so much attention 
remains focused on keeping Albert and Herman behind bars?


This month Attorney General Buddy Caldwell has been busy digging into 
his second term in office after winning reelection by default when 
his only competitor withdrew from the race. In his first term he 
issued over 900 opinions and hundreds more cases undoubtedly await, 
but fighting to keep Herman and Albert in prison is still right up at 
the top of his priority list.

Caldwell, who in a 2008 Pulitzer Prize winning 
series on the case, characterized Albert as "the most dangerous 
person on the planet,"   says he continues to 
personal attention to the case "because federal judges just keep 
turning this guy loose and giving us work to do."

News From Federal Court - Motion to Disqualify Dismissed!

On Monday, Judge Brady heard oral arguments and summarily dismissed 
the State's latest attempt to impede justice--a motion to disqualify 
the attorneys from Albert's criminal case and the civil case. We are 
waiting to see how Judge Jackson handles a similar motion filed with 
regards to Herman's case. A big thanks to the legal team for all 
their hard work and to the many supporters who again filled the 
courtroom on A3's behalf.

Discovery Victory!

Last month, Judge Brady ordered that emails requested by the defense 
over a year before must be turned over within 5 days. The State took 
the drastic move of appealing the matter to the 5th Circuit as a 
mandamus and through the Louisiana Department of Justice. On Monday 
Judge Brady ordered again that the State must turn over the emails in 
question or possibly be found in contempt of court and face 
sanctions. Only minutes before his order would have taken effect, the 
State turned over the documents.

Albert's Hearing Rescheduled

Originally set for this past September, Albert's hearing on 
discrimination in the selection of his grand jury foreperson it is 
now tentatively rescheduled for May 2012. We will update everyone 
once the schedule is confirmed, but remain hopeful that justice 
delayed will not be justice denied.

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