[Ppnews] Support the CA Hunger Strike - 160, 000 Calls to Governor Brown

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Wed Oct 12 16:22:07 EDT 2011

Support the CA Hunger Strike
160,000 Calls to Governor Brown Now!
A Call for Every CA Prisoner!

The Largest Prison Strike in recent US History

According to the 
prisoners were participating in the hunger strike on Sept 28th, 
making this the largest prison strike in recent US history. Since 
Sept 28th, the numbers of strikers have dropped considerably due to 
the CDCR's intensified retaliation on hunger strikers.

Dear Friends,

The historic hunger strike in CA needs your support. Prisoners have 
been refusing food for three weeks, and their 
conditions are getting worse by the day. We need to work together to 
effectively pressure CA Governor Jerry Brown to intervene in the 
CDCR's handling of the strike. It's up to us to make sure the 
prisoners' five core demands are implemented immediately and in good faith.

Call Governor Jerry Brown NOW!
Together, we can make 160,000 calls to Governor Brown (one for every 
prisoner in California) before Wed October 19th.

We know this is an ambitious goal, and we need your help forwarding 
this call out to everyone you know!  Please let us know if you can 
organize a community call-in event near you and we will publicize it 
on our website. Email us at prisonerhungerstrikesolidarity[at]wordpress.com

Start Calling Today!

Governor Brown's Office: (916) 445-2841

Sample Script:

"Hi my name is _________. I'm calling about the statewide prisoner 
hunger strike that resumed on Sept 26th. I support the prisoners & 
their reasonable "five core demands." I am alarmed by the CDCR's 
refusal to implement these demands and by your refusal to intervene 
as the hunger strikers' medical conditions are rapidly deteriorating. 
I urge you to make sure the demands are implemented for all 
SHU-status prisoners in CA immediately and in good faith before 
anyone dies. I also urge you to lift the CDCR's ban on lawyers from 
the prisoners' mediation team, and ensure the CDCR ceases all 
retaliation on the hunger strikers. Thank you."

Thank you for your continued support.
In Solidarity,

Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity

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522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

415 863-9977

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