[Ppnews] Medical Conditions of Hunger Strikers Worsen

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Medical Conditions of Hunger Strikers Worsen, Strikers & Supporters 
Keep Fighting Back


Numbers of hunger strikers began to drop this week after the CDCR 
<http://t.ymlp56.com/yjmapaumybaiaubqatahy/click.php>retaliation on 
the strike. The hunger strike representatives at Pelican Bay who were 
kept in the D Corridor of the SHU were moved to Administrative 
Segregation at Pelican Bay. Lawyers who were finally able to have one 
visit last week 
(<http://t.ymlp56.com/yjjakaumybazaubqafahy/click.php>after some 
lawyers of the prisoners' mediation team have been banned) report 
that the CDCR has the air conditioning on high in 50 degree weather. 
The hunger strike representatives continue to be willing to risk 
their lives in order to win the 
<http://t.ymlp56.com/yjbapaumybanaubqapahy/click.php>5 core demands.

The CDCR's numbers also appear to be low due to guards falsifying 
records of hunger strikers. At Calipatria, for instance, hunger 
strikers report they were finally given their liquids after filing 
medical requests (even though they were still denied liquids for the 
first several days of the strike). Now, however, guards have been 
delivering liquids on the prisoners' food trays.  Once strikers take 
the liquids off of the trays, the guards record they are not striking 
(CDCR counts strikers based on who touches the state-issued food 
trays and who doesn't).

Medical conditions are also worsening for strikers throughout the 
state. We've received reports that after 12 days of no food, 
prisoners are once again losing severe weight and fainting. One 
hunger striker at Pelican Bay was denied his medication and 
consequently suffered from a heart attack and is now is an outside 
hospital in Oregon.

Family & community members continue to support the hunger strikers by 
holding rallies, community events and vigils, publicizing the 
courageous action inside prison and building pressure on 
representatives to intervene in the CDCR's handling of the strike.

Families of SHU prisoners are calling for supporters everywhere to 
hold mass vigils in support of the hunger strikers on Thursday 
nights. If you can organize a vigil in your community, please email 
prisonerhungerstrikesolidarity[at]gmail.com. For more events, check 
out our events page <http://t.ymlp56.com/yjhalaumybalaubqacahy/click.php>here.

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