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Freedom Now For Fumiaki Hoshino-Rally At SF Japan Consulate

START DATE:     Monday November 28
TIME:   12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Location Details:
50 Fremont St. at Corner of Mission St.
San Francisco, CA

Event Type:     Press Conference
11/28 12:00 Noon SF Protest/Action At Japan Consulate To Demand Freedom
For Fumiaki Hoshino (corrected address)
50 Fremont St./Mission St. near Old Transbay Terminal
San Francisco

Fumiaki Hoshino is one of the longest political prisoners in the world. He
helped organize a protest in November 14, 1971 against the "Okinawa
Reversion Agreement" which helped allow the US to base nuclear weapons in
Okinawa. A policeman and women trade unionist were killed and he was
framed up and charged with the murder. He has been in jail under
repressive conditions for over 37 years. A US support committee has been
organized to demand his freedom and will be having a press conference and
picket and will demand that the Japanese government release him

US Hoshino Defense Committee

Also please send solidarity statements to:
k_kanayama19711114 [at] yahoo.co.jp

11/27 International Solidarity Day For Japanese Fumiaki
Hoshino/Action-Solidarity Messages Requested

Dear Friends,

On November 27, we will hold a National Rally to free Fumiaki Hoshino in
Tokyo. Please send your solidarity message to the rally.

Fumiaki Hoshino is an innocent political prisoner fighting behind bars for
37 years—one of the longest detained political prisoners of the wworld. The
Japanese prison system is extremely oppressive: most of his friends cannot
visit him.

On November 14, 1971, Fumiaki Hoshino led one of the student contingents
of the demonstration against so-called "Okinawa Reversion Agreement",
which in reality helped maintain the US military bases with nuclear
arsenal in Okinawa. One of the riot policemen died during the crash with
demonstrators. Hoshino was framed as the perpetrator; the prosecution
demanded death penalty, the courts sentenced to life imprisonment.
He is innocent. There is no physical evidence whatsoever. Only the
depositions of the six demonstrators made in closed interrogation rooms
in the police stations were the evidence of guilt. Five of the
eyewitnesses recanted, claiming police and prosecution coercion. Remaining
one refused to testify in the open courts. On top of it, the police lost
the videotape of the demonstration, in which Hoshino's contingent had

Hoshino filed an application for retrial based on newly discovered photos
that clearly contradict his alleged involvement in the death of the

A broad coalition of labor unions, other organizations and individuals are
now increasing their efforts to free Hoshino.

International solidarity is also developing. Last July, we were given an
opportunity to hold two events in San Francisco LaborFest: Hoshino Art
Show and Labor & Political prisoners: From Hoshino To Mumia.
The National Coordinating Center of Labor Unions—an organization  of
militant labor unions and labor activists in Japan—decided to shoow its
solidarity with Hoshino, holding its annual convention next February in
Tokushima City near the Tokushima Prison where Hoshino is detained.

Please send your solidarity message to the November 27 rally. It will
greatly help free Hoshino.

Thank you so much in advance.
In Solidarity,
Hoshino Defense Committee
Send Message Of Solidarity to
k_kanayama19711114 [at] yahoo.co.jp

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San Francisco, CA 94110

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