[Ppnews] Week 3 of trial, keep up the support for Tarek Mehanna!

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Sun Nov 6 21:00:11 EST 2011

Keep up support for Tarek Mehanna
3rd Week of Trial

WHERE: Moakley Federal Courthouse
1 Courthouse Way, Boston MA

WHEN: Monday-Friday 9am-1pm (through end the of trial)

Monday, November 7 will begin the third week in the trial of Dr. 
Tarek Mehanna. Dr. Mehanna is being prosecuted on false charges of 
"material support for terrorism" because of his principled refusal to 
act as an informant for the FBI, for his outspoken opposition to US 
wars of aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq, and for his 
leadership in opposing repressive policies against Muslims in the US 
and elsewhere.

We would like to thank everyone who came to court on October 27 for 
opening statements in the trial, and all those who have continued to 
show their support for Dr. Mehanna over the course of the second 
week. The court was forced to open two overflow rooms to accommodate 
the strong showing of support at the start of trial; the courtroom 
has continued to be full of supporters at the end of the second week. 
This show of support is both a testament to Dr. Mehanna's history of 
service to the community and also to the outrageousness of the case 
against him.

We are sending out this message to urge people to keep up the 
support. It's important to show that the community is with Dr. 
Mehanna to the end. Since the trial is expected to last 6-8 weeks, 
please consider choosing at least one day each week to attend. Please 
RSVP to <mailto:FreeTarek at gmail.com>FreeTarek at gmail.com with days you 
plan on attending. (Please note that this Friday November 11th is not 
a court day because its a federal holiday, Veterans Day)

People who've been in court to date have seen the falsehood of the 
government's charges progressively unmasked. Highlights include:

--Assistant US Attorney Chakravarty's claim to the jury--in 
contravention to settled constitutional law-- that translating the 
publicly available document "39 Ways to Serve and Participate in 
Jihad" is "material support for terrorism;"

--Government agents who executed a "sneak and peak search" of Tarek's 
room and computer claiming expertise in identifying "jihadi" 
materials, but who were unable to recognize the simplest and most 
common Arabic phrases and who seemed to think that the flag of the 
government of Saudi Arabia was a "terrorist" symbol;

--The revelation that the first cooperating witness, who was granted 
an immunity order, was threatened at the time of his initial grand 
jury testimony by the infamous Assistant US Attorney Jeffrey 
Auerhahn, who told him that he had better "improve his memory". 
(Auerhahn is the prosecutor who was found in the past to have coerced 
a cooperating witness into giving false testimony against an innocent 
defendant--details at 

Up to date reports on the trial can be found at 
<http://freetarek.wordpress.com/>freetarek.wordpress.com . More 
background on Tarek's case and the campaign to defend him can be 
found at <http://www.freetarek.com/>www.freetarek.com

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