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J. Edgar Hoover signed off on secret COINTELPRO plan to guide Omaha police

    * By 
Richardson, COINTELPRO Examiner
    * March 30th, 2011 11:14 am ET
Omaha Two story:  Aug. 22, 1970

Minard, Sr. was buried on Thursday following one 
of the largest funerals in the city’s 
history.  The father of five was buried on his 30th birthday, July 20, 1970.

Minard, an Omaha police officer, had been killed 
by an ambush bomber, lured to the deadly trap by 
an anonymous 911 call about a woman screaming at a vacant house.

On August 21, 1970, 
Young, Omaha Special Agent-in-Charge called FBI 
Headquarters snd requested a FBI Laboratory 
Supervisor travel to Omaha “for the purpose of 
furnishing technical guidance”. to local police.

There was a break in the case the next day when a 
warrant for murder was issued on August 22, 1970, 
against 15 year-old Duane Peak, the alleged bomber.

Chairman of the National Committee to Combat 
Poindexter was also arrested.  The headquarters 
of the Black Panther affiliate chapter were raided that same day.

The evening of August 22nd the home of 
we Langa, then David Rice, was raided and 
dynamite was purportedly found in the 
basement.  Mondo was in Kansas City speaking at a 
rally for Black Panther Pete O’Neal who was facing federal gun charges.

In Washington D.C. a Federal Bureau of 
Investigation agent named W.W. Bradley followed 
up on a 
memo written three days earlier about the killer of Patrolman Minard.

Edgar Hoover’s illegal, clandestine 
counter-intelligence operation directed against 
political activists Hoover disapproved of.  The 
Black Panthers bore the brunt of the sometimes lethal dirty tricks.

Bradley had earlier passed on Omaha Special 
Agent-in-Charge Paul Young’s recommendation, 
approved by Hoover, to not issue a laboratory 
report on the analysis of a recording of Minard’s killer’s voice.
Ivan Willard Conrad, FBI Laboratory director, 
called Hoover when he got Bradley’s August 19th 
memo on the case.  Conrad noted Hoover’s approval 
to withhold a report on the memo, initialing and dating the notation.

Bradley wanted to make sure the correct people 
were charged with the murder and recommended 
approving Young’s request to send Headquarters 
staff to Nebraska to steer the investigation.

In a heavily redacted COINTELPRO memorandum, not 
released until years later, Bradley wrote to 
Conrad:  “In referenced memorandum [8/17/70] the 
Director approved a request to assist the Omaha 
Police Department in captioned case through the use of [REDACTED}.”

More redactions follow then the memo 
continues:  “The SAC [Special Agent-in-Charge] 
noted that he had been instructed by the Bureau 
to suggest steps of possible assistance to the 
Omaha Police in solving the bombings.  He advised 
technical guidance of the type requested  would 
provide maximum immediate assistance particularly since the [REDACTED].”

The COINTELPRO plan to help Omaha police solve 
the crime by sending out headquarters 
staff  followed the withholding of a laboratory 
report on the identity of Larry Minard’s killer 
showing the true purpose of assistance was not aiding a search for truth.

The confidential memo was sent to the same 
distribution list as Bradley’s earlier 
memorandum.  The plan was reviewed by Hoover 
personally and the memo bears his “OK” and distinctive “H” initial.

One by one, the COINTELPRO conspirators would add 
their names to the paper trail of deceit led by 
the “Master of Deceit“ himself, J. Edgar Hoover..

Also signing the memo sealing the plot to direct 
the course of the case was George Moore. Although 
not on the copy list, George Moore was the head 
of the Racial Intelligence division and daily 
helped manage the COINTELPRO operation.

Both Bradley and Conrad initialed the 
document.  When Hoover gave his blessing to a 
counter-intelligence proposal with his own pen 
his subordinates acted quickly putting their signatures or initials in place.

Back in Omaha the round-up of suspects continues 
through the weekend.  On Sunday there is a rally 
at Kountze Park to raise bail money for those in 
custody.  A group of 200 listen to activist Ernie Chambers.

Monday morning at 3:42 a.m. the math-science 
building at the University of Wisconsin in 
Madison was bombed killing a graduate 
student.  Recent bombings shattered the Midwest 
heartland in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and 
Nebraska putting law enforcement officers on edge.

Meanwhile, Hoover got around to reviewing the 
COINTELPRO action being planned against Ed 
Poindexter proposed before the bomb murder.  On 
August 15, 1970, Paul Young wrote to Hoover 
proposing to exploit an article in the Omaha 
World-Herald about the local Black Panther 
chapter.  Young wanted to get Poindexter in 
trouble with the national headquarters for his 
purported cooperation with “Whitey’s newspaper”, the Omaha World-Herald.

Hoover gave approval to the bogus letter plan but 
advised:  “It is suggested you include several 
misspellings to make the letter appear more 
.Take the usual security precautions to 
insure this letter and mailing cannot be traced to the Bureau.”

Hoover concluded his authorization, “This should 
be an excellent disruption technique.”

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