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Amnesty International Media Release
For Immediate Release
Monday, March 28, 2011

Amnesty International Deeply Disappointed by 
Supreme Court’s Decision Rejecting Troy Davis Appeal

Contact: AIUSA media relations office, 202-509-8194, or
Laura Moye, 202-675-8582

(Washington, D.C.) -- Laura Moye, Amnesty 
International USA (AIUSA) death penalty abolition 
campaign director, issued the following statement 
in response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision 
today to reject Troy Davis’ appeal of the federal 
district court’s ruling that Davis did not prove his innocence:

“Amnesty International is extremely disappointed 
that the Supreme Court rejected Troy Davis’ 
appeal. It appears that the justice system is 
comfortable allowing someone to be executed when 
there are lingering doubts about guilt in the 
case. No objective person could confidently 
determine that Davis is guilty beyond a 
reasonable doubt from the evidence available now 
in his case. That leaves an ominous cloud hanging 
over an irreversible sentence such as the death penalty.

“Because there was no physical evidence linking 
Davis to the murder, nor was there physical 
evidence exonerating him, the case rested on a 
group of witnesses whose credibility was readily 
accepted for conviction, but so easily rejected in the appeals process.

“The Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles, as the 
final fail-safe, has the opportunity to commute 
his sentence to life and prevent the possibility 
of executing an innocent person.”

For more information, please visit: 
P.O. Box 55196, Atlanta, GA 30308
<mailto:GFADP at yahoo.com>GFADP at yahoo.com

Press Release                   Contact: Kathryn Hamoudah 404.688.1202 or
RELEASE:                            404.819.4233 

March 28, 2011

Georgians Say There is No Room for Doubt in Troy Davis Case

Atlanta- Georgians for Alternatives to the Death 
Penalty (GFADP), Georgia’s statewide coalition of 
organizations and individuals opposed to the 
death penalty, condemns the decision by the 
United States Supreme Court to deny relief for 
Troy Anthony Davis even though grave doubts permeate the case.

“The case of Troy Davis exemplifies all that is 
wrong with Georgia’s death penalty system, of 
grave concern is the real threat of executing an 
innocent person, “said, GFADP Board Chair, 
Kathryn Hamoudah. “Proceeding with the execution 
of Troy Davis would be callous, careless and 
irreversible. The state should  slow down to 
address the well-documented, serious problems 
with a system that irreversibly takes human life, 
rather than rush to carry out an execution of a possibly innocent man.”

No physical evidence ties Mr. Davis to the crime 
and a weapon was never found. He was convicted 
solely on the basis of faulty eyewitness 
testimony – the single greatest cause of wrongful 
convictions nationwide. Eyewitness 
misidentification accounts for 75 percent of 
wrongful convictions in over 200 DNA 
exonerations. Georgians have become increasingly 
aware of just how unreliable eyewitness 
identification evidence is as we have watched 
seven men exonerated – all convicted on the basis 
of eyewitness testimony – after spending years in 
prison for crimes they didn’t commit.

Across the nation states are moving away from the 
death penalty because of growing concerns about 
innocence, unfairness, discriminatory 
application, lack of efficacy, and other 
reasons.  The death penalty was intended to be 
reserved for the worst offenders, but in 
practice, it is arbitrary and unfair.  The system 
is fraught with error, plagued by poor legal 
representation, and discriminates on the basis of 
income, race and geography - with the majority 
carried out in the South- among many problems 
that leave it too broken to be fixed.

“Knowing what we know now-recanting witnesses, 
perjured testimony and who the likely shooter 
is-I cannot see any jury ever convicting Mr. 
Davis,” continued Kathryn Hamoudah. “Troy Davis 
has strong innocence claims. There is no room for 
doubt when a person’s life is on the line.”

By choosing to deny Mr. Davis’ claims, the courts 
have ostensibly declared that it is permissible 
to execute a convicted person who is likely 
innocent. GFADP believes that this is a standard 
civilized society should not accept.

For more information or to set up an interview, 
contact: Kathryn Hamoudah at 404.819.4233 and 
<mailto:khamoudah at schr.org>khamoudah at schr.org

(NOTE: In case the links don't come up in the 
below letter, they are all available at 
<http://www.ncadp.org/>http://www.ncadp.org/ -- please do SOMETHING!)

Dear Fellow Abolitionists,

Earlier today it was announced that Troy Davis’ 
appeal before the U.S. Supreme Court has been 
here to read the response of NCADP's Georgia 
Affiliate, Georgians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty.

Needless to say, this puts Troy Davis at risk of 
another execution date within as few as two 
weeks. This will be the fourth time everyone 
involved with this case has to go through this 
process. Please add your thoughts and prayers to 
ours as we consider how this situation once again 
tears at Troy Davis and his family and friends, 
and also how this will impact the family and 
friends of Police Officer Mark Allen MacPhail, 
the victim in this case. Then, join us in taking 
action to help stop the execution!

If you are unfamiliar with this case, the 
nutshell is that seven of the nine witnesses who 
testified against Davis at his trial have changed 
their story, and no physical evidence links Davis 
to the crime. Detailed information is 
No one should be executed, especially when there 
are so many doubts about guilt.

This case has generated widespread attention 
because so many people in Georgia and throughout 
the world are disturbed by the thought of a man 
being executed when so much doubt about his guilt 
remains unresolved. Nothing can undermine public 
faith in a criminal justice system faster than an 
execution when there are still serious doubts about guilt.

Now is the time to re-invigorate the clemency 
campaign to prevent this execution.  The State 
Board of Pardons and Paroles is the entity (not 
the governor) that can spare Troy Davis and which 
can commute his sentence to life.

Amnesty International USA, a national Affiliate 
of NCADP, has been taking the lead on the 
clemency campaign for Troy Davis, and we 
encourage you to participate in the following actions.

Needed actions:

1) Please help amass petitions on Troy Davis’ 
behalf by signing the online petition and by 
asking others you know to sign as well. Sign the 
Use this URL to facebook and tweet it: 

You can also print out and collect signatures on 
the hardcopy petition (return them to the address 
on the petition form), which you can access 

2) Please send these sign-on letters to people 
you know who are clergy or legal professionals:

The religious leader sign-on letter is 

The legal professionals sign-on letter is 

3) Be prepared to come out for an international day of solidarity:

If and when an execution date is scheduled, which 
now seems very likely despite the fact that 
Georgia's supply of sodium thiopental was 
recently confiscated by the 
Enforcement Agency, there will be a global day of 
action.  We will join our voices across the U.S. 
and across the world to tell the parole board in 
Atlanta that Troy Davis must not be 
executed.  Vigils, tabling, street-corner demos 
and other activities will be encouraged on this 
day.  We will use this action to drive up the 
number of petitions and generate media 
visibility.  Stay tuned for a date and instructions.

Thank you.

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