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National Committee To Free The Cuban Five
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Press Conference to Discuss
Important Developments in Cuban Five Appeals
"Gerardo Hernandez - for the first time in his own words - gives 
irrefutable evidence of his innocence."
                                         - Attorney Richard Klugh

There was "a distinct, fundamental violation of the premises of a 
fair trial where the government secretly paid highly influential journalists."
      - from the Memorandum of Antonio Guerrero

Two of the Cuban Five, Antonio Guerrero and Gerardo Hernandez, have 
just filed important legal briefs in their "habeas corpus" appeals, 
their final legal opportunity to obtain a new trial and overturn 
their unjust convictions.

On Tuesday, March 22, at 12 noon (Eastern), the National Committee to 
Free the Cuban Five will conduct a call-in press conference at which 
lawyers involved with the appeals and others involved with the case 
will speak. (See below for the call-in information, and links to the 
court documents).

Hernandez's affidavit will be filed today, March 21. Hernandez, who 
is serving life without parole for the shootdown of two planes from 
the Brothers to the Rescue organization -- in which he had no role -- 
explains for the first time, in his own words, his complete innocence.

In the affidavit, Hernandez explains to the District Court judge Joan 
Lenard, that had he known he could have had a separate trial on the 
'murder conspiracy' charge, he would have testified on his own 
behalf. Hernandez lists in details the facts of his innocence, which 
he was unable to present at trial. Cuban Five attorney Richard Klugh 
will speak to these issues in the Conference and answer questions 
regarding same.

The press conference will discuss "compelling and irrefutable facts 
that we believe would exonerate Gerardo Hernandez completely," said 
Richard Klugh.

Gloria La Riva of the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five on 
the importance of Hernandez's affidavit beyond the legal process: "It 
is essential that the public be made aware of it as well, including 
the thousands of active supporters of the Five around the world, and 
important political figures and the media. Most importantly, we 
demand that the Obama administration immediately free the Cuban Five."

Guerrero's appeal, as well as that of Hernandez and the upcoming 
appeal of Ramon Labaino, focuses on newly uncovered evidence of 
extensive payments from the U.S. government to Miami journalists 
covering the trial of the Five, evidence which was uncovered in part 
through Freedom of Information Act requests filed by the National 
Committee to Free the Cuban Five.

Speaking at the press conference, and available for questions from 
the media, will be:
    * Richard Klugh, Miami attorney, one of the Cuban Five's legal team
    * John Nichols, Professor of Communications (ret.) at the Univ. 
of Pennsylvania, an expert witness before Congress on the subject of 
TV and Radio Marti
    * Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, atty. with the Partnership for Civil 
Justice who helped uncover government payments to Miami journalists
    * Andres Gomez of the Alianza Martiana in Miami
    * Gloria La Riva, coordinator of the National Committee to Free 
the Cuban Five

Call-in details:
Host: Gloria La Riva
Time: 12:00 PM Eastern, Tuesday, Mar. 22 (please call 5 minutes prior)
Phone #: 1 (847) 413-2425
Code: 6823 731#

affidavit (available Mon. after submission to the court)
bios of speakers

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