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Sun Mar 6 11:07:44 EST 2011

From: NY Jericho
Message from Jalil:

On March 4, 2011, I was moved from a single cell 
to a double bunk cell on the orders of Attica's 
Deputy Supt. of Security P. Chappius. This 
placement in double bunk is against double bunk 
policy, as I was transferred here 
administratively via Albany. It was neither a 
disciplinary transfer nor a requested transfer 
and I did not sign a waiver to go into double bunk.

In 1996, they alleged that I organized a strike 
here against double bunking. I was put in the box 
for 9 months. It is well known that Supt. Mark L. 
Bradt does not want me in his facility. 
Therefore, this was probably done anticipating I 
would refuse and they could then put me back in the SHU.

I'm asking people to call Commissioner Brian 
Fischer in Albany at 518-457-8134 and tell him 
that my placement in a double bunk cell is 
against policy and procedure. Request that I be 
placed in a single cell and that I start my program as an E block porter.


NOTE: Jalil Muntaqim is aka Anthony Bottom, use inmate ##77A4283 when calling!

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