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Eric McDavid - 5 Years Imprisonment
by Sacramento Prisoner Support
Friday Jan 14th, 2011 1:47 PM

Yesterday marked the 5th year of Eric's arrest and imprisonment...

Dear friends,

Yesterday marked the 5th year of Eric's arrest 
and imprisonment. Every year, at this time, we 
are forced to reflect on all that has happened. 
It is never an easy process, but this year feels 
different. This year we know that Eric will be in 
prison for the duration of his sentence. All of 
his appeals have been exhausted. 5 years is a 
long time – but we aren't even halfway there...

Perhaps one other thing is striking about this 5 
year milestone. Both of Eric's former 
co-defendants plead guilty to a lesser included 
offense. In doing so, the maximum amount of time 
they could possibly have gotten in prison was 5 
years. Had the jury in Eric's trial been allowed 
to find Eric guilty of the same charge that Zach 
and Lauren plead guilty to (and more than one 
juror indicated that they would have...), Eric 
would now be free. But the judge in Eric's trial, 
Judge Morrison England, refused to allow this as an option for the jury.

Since Eric's arrest, the FBI has continued its 
war against activists and any other groups that 
they perceive as a threat. Indeed, it seems as if 
hardly a week goes by without some new story of 
FBI shenanigans. Entrapment – rather than being 
perceived as a legal no-no – seems to be their 
favorite tactic. This is not surprising. We knew 
all along (with that horrible, sick, sinking 
feeling in our guts) that Eric's case would be 
used as a test. This was the FBI at their most 
outrageous (well, almost...). The FBI spent a 
year and half creating a crime, entrapping three 
people in it, charging them with thought crime, 
and then sent the only one who stood up for 
himself to prison for nearly 20 years. They certainly are busy bees...

And their scheme worked. Now it seems they are 
using Eric's case as a model of how things should 
be done. If you need proof, don't take our word for it, check out:
(just keep in mind, we have no idea what kind of 
“cookies” or other such creepy crawlies might be 
triggered by visiting this site...)

We have watched in horror these last few years as 
more and more of these kinds of cases have 
appeared across the country. The state has been 
emboldened by their “success.” But their success 
is nothing more than the attempted destruction of countless lives and futures.

It is hard not to think of this as a time of 
mourning. So much has been stolen from us – from 
all of us - these past 5 years. But we have also 
learned a lot. We have learned (and continue to 
learn) more about how the state works. About how 
we can better protect ourselves and the people, 
places and creatures we love. We have learned how 
to make miles seem irrelevant. We have learned 
how to walk through walls and bend the bars. 
Perhaps most importantly, we have learned just 
how much strength and courage we can find in each other.

So maybe instead of a day of mourning, today can 
be a day of defiance. Of remembering all that we 
have lost – and figuring out how to get it back. 
Or how to keep it from happening again...

Today can be a celebration of thought crime.

Won't you celebrate with us?

Please remember that other folks are sitting in 
prison for very similar reasons as Eric! They deserve your support.

Marie Mason and Sadie (Joyanna Zacher) both have 
birthdays this month. Please consider sending them a note of support.

Marie Mason: 
or <http://freemarie.org/>http://freemarie.org/

Sadie can be written at:

Joyanna Zacher #36360-086
FCI Dublin
Federal Correctional Institution
5701 8th St - Camp Parks- Unit E
Dublin, CA 94568

Jonathan Paul also has a birthday this month - 
but he was recently released to a halfway house 
and will soon begin the difficult transition back 
to a life outside of prison. Please keep him in 
your thoughts as well, and keep your eyes peeled 
for ways to offer him your support in the future.


Finally, we recently set up a wishlist on 
Microcosm for Eric. If you would like to send him something, please visit:


If you order something from this list, please 
contact us and let us know what you have ordered 
so we can be sure it is removed from the list. If 
you would like other suggestions about books to send Eric, please contact us.

For information on other ways to support Eric, 
please visit his website: 

Freedom Archives
522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

415 863-9977

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