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Hi all:
As of today, the National Boricua Human Rights 
Network launches the second phase of the campaign 
for Oscar López Rivera's freedom!

With a letter, fax and phone-in campaign, the 
NBHRN and the Puerto Rico-based Comité 
Pro-Derechos Humanos are urging the parole 
commissioners to reject the wrong-headed and 
politically punitive recommendation of the parole 
examiner. We intend to flood the Parol Board with 
letters until they respond. We estimate this will 
take 6-8 weeks, so every day counts. Please keep 
close track of the letters sent/faxed to the 
Parole Board. Please forward far and wide and 
OF THEM. Please contact me with any questions.

thank all of you for all of your work on this campaign,

Alejandro Luis Molina
Secretary, Board of Directors

Juan Antonio Corretjer
Puerto Rican Cultural Center
2739-41 W. Division Street
Chicago IL 60622

Publishers of La Voz de Paseo Boricua

Office: 773-342-7989
Fax:    773-913-0706
amolina at prcc-chgo.org
Skype: alejandromann
twitter: prccjac

United States Parole Commission via facsimile 301/492-5543
5550 Friendship Boulevard, Suite 420
Chevy Chase, Maryland 20815

Re: Oscar López Rivera, 87651-024, FCI Terre Haute

Dear Chairman Fulwood, and Commissioners Mitchell, Cushwa and Wilson Smoot:

We were very saddened and disappointed to learn 
that your hearing examiner recommended denial of Mr. López Rivera’s
parole, and that he either be held in prison 
until his mandatory release date in 2023 or serve another 15 years before being
reconsidered for parole. We write to urge you to 
reject his recommendation, and to order immediate release on parole.

We believe the examiner’s recommendation to be 
unfair, contrary to justice, based on wrong information, and a slap in the face
to the people of Puerto Rico.

The examiner arrived at the mistaken conclusion 
that releasing Mr. López Rivera on parole would depreciate the seriousness of
the offense. In doing so, he erroneously chose to 
accept the testimony of people who unfortunately suffered as a result of a 1975
explosion at Fraunces Tavern in New York. 
However, this unfortunate explosion had nothing 
to do with Mr. López Rivera, as he
was not convicted or even accused of 
participating in that act. Indeed he was not 
convicted of injuring anyone or taking a life.

These allegations are not new. President Clinton 
had access to the very same information when he offered to commute Mr.
Lopez Rivera’s sentence under certain conditions 
which have now clearly been satisfied.

The examiner’s recommendation is evidence of his 
failure to acknowledge President Clinton’s determination that Mr. López
Rivera’s sentence was disproportionately lengthy, 
and his offer that would have resulted in Mr. 
López Rivera’s release in September
of 2009.

The recommendation also fails to take into 
account the fine examples of Mr. López Rivera’s 
co-defendants, who are productive,
law-abiding members of society after their 
presidential commutation in 1999; and it fails to 
consider this Commission’s 2010
parole of his co-defendant Carlos Alberto Torres 
after he served 30 years in prison.

Mr. López Rivera clearly meets all of the 
criteria for parole. His immediate parole will 
not depreciate the seriousness of the
offense, and he poses no risk to public welfare, 
as evidenced by the overwhelming support for Mr. López Rivera’s parole from
virtually the entire civil society of Puerto 
Rico, from the Puerto Rico Bar Association to the 
Ecumenical and Interreligious Coalition
of Puerto Rico (which includes every religious 
denomination) to elected officials across party lines, including many, like
Pedro Pierluisi, the Resident Commissioner to the 
U.S. Congress who represents the almost 4 million people of Puerto Rico,
who opposes independence, the ideal to which Mr. 
López Rivera has devoted his life. This is critical evidence which the hearing
examiner erred in overlooking or discounting. 
This support also includes several members of the 
U.S. House of Representatives;
prominent personalities, civic and religious 
leaders throughout the U.S.; elected officials, 
including from New York, California,
Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Illinois; and 
international figures from Haiti, Mexico, and Australia.

Like Javier Jiménez Pérez, the pro-statehood 
mayor of San Sebastián, Puerto Rico — Mr. López Rivera’s hometown and where
he hopes to make his home once again — we are 
anxious to welcome him home. We urge you to grant his immediate release.
Thank you.

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