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Denis O'Hearn 
in In Solidarity with the Lucasville Uprising Prisoners on Hunger Strike.

O'Hearn 9:26pm Jan 6

Just back from a long drive through lake-effect snow. I don't recommend it!

I am including (below) a letter that Bomani 
Shakur wrote to Warden Bobby of OSP on the 
commencement of his hunger strike. It is 
important because it sets out the specific 
demands of the hunger strikers, and you can refer 
to these in your letters, emails, etc. to Warden 
Bobby, Director of DRC Moore, and Chief Eleby of 
Bureau of Classification, whose contact details 
are at the end of this communication.

A few words of clarification. The real power lies 
with Gary Moore, who was just appointed Director 
of DRC by the new governor of Ohio (who starts 
office tomorrow). Moore has a long record in the 
prison service but is best known as Ohio's 
foremost proponent of prison privatization. 
Pressure on the warden and bureau chief are 
important, but most people believe that the four 
hunger strikers have been kept in isolation for 
the past 12 years since OSP was built because 
successive DRC Directors have wished it so. I am 
sure many of you will have issues with Gary 
Moore's privatization agenda but perhaps for this 
reason he will want to avoid a big hunger strike 
ruckus just when he is trying to get his agenda 
going. In short, no better time to pile on the 
pressure with letters, emails, etc.

Jason Robb made a few points in our visit today 
that are worth repeating. The four were brought 
into the new OSP supermax when it was opened in 
1998. Soon, there were some five hundred others 
in the facility (they built all those beds, now 
they had to fill them). Of the five hundred, only 
four – the four men now on hunger strike – are 
still in supermax. Others have gone to reduced 
security prisons (general population); some have 
gone home; some have even gone home, reoffended, 
come back to supermax, and worked their way again 
to lower security. Yet only these four remain as original supermax prisoners.

The men are told that they will remain 
permanently in isolation until they are executed 
because their original offense that led to their 
committal to supermax means that they "pose a 
threat to the safety and security of the Ohio 
prison system." Yet their behavior has been very 
good and they have never caused disruption to 
OSP. By refusing them contact with other 
prisoners, such as conjugate recreation, the 
authorities give them no way of proving that they 
are not a threat to the system.

Finally, I spoke with several legal experts over 
the past week and they believe that by keeping 
these men in isolation OSP is violating THREE 
amendments on the US Constitution, so proudly 
read aloud by the new Congress today. The lack of 
meaningful review of their security placement 
violates the Fifth Amendment right to due 
process. The lack of access to legal resources 
violates the Sixth Amendment right to meaningful 
access to the courts. Long term isolation 
violates the Eighth Amendment prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment.


Letter from Keith Lamar (Bomani Shakur) to Warden 
Bobby of Ohio State Penitentiary
3 January 2011

Warden Bobby,

I'm writing to inform you that I am henceforth on 
a hunger strike. After twelve years of what can 
only be described as a double penalty, I am 
respectfully requesting that you cease this 
tortuous predicament that I am in. As a 
death-sentenced prisoner, I should be allowed the 
very same privileges as other similarly sentenced 
prisoners, and this is all I am asking, nothing 
more or less. Therefore, in spite of what your 
personal feelings are, I hereby appeal to your 
sense of professionalism and ask that you 
seriously consider the following demands:

1. Full recreation privileges.
2. Full commissary privileges.
3. Full access to Access SecurePac catalog.
4. Semi-contact visits.
5. Access to computer database so that I can 
assist in the furtherance of my appeals.

These things are presently being offered to all 
death-sentenced prisoners and, again, I hereby 
respectfully request that I be granted the same. 
As you know, my appeals are fast approaching 
resolution, moving me closer and closer to a day 
of reckoning. Please allow me the opportunity to 
pursue whatever my end will be with the same 
level of dignity and respect that other similarly 
situated prisoners enjoy. You have this within 
your power to permit, and I ask that instead of 
abusing your power that you use it justly, and soon. . .

Keith LaMar


Contact details:

Gary Moore, Director, Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction
770 West Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43222
614-752-1159 or email 
DRC.publicinfo at odrc.<http://www.facebook.com/l/445afg7EBaA5k1YAaFagvtsYwFg;state.oh.us>http://www.facebook.com/l/445afg7EBaA5k1YAaFagvtsYwFg;state.oh.us

William A. Eleby, Chief, Bureau of Classification
Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction
770 West Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43222
614-752-1106 or email 
DRC.publicinfo at odrc.<http://www.facebook.com/l/445afg7EBaA5k1YAaFagvtsYwFg;state.oh.us>http://www.facebook.com/l/445afg7EBaA5k1YAaFagvtsYwFg;state.oh.us

David Bobby
Warden, Ohio State Penitentiary
878 Coitsville-Hubbard Road
Youngstown, OH 44505-4635
330-743-0700 or fax 330-743-0841 or email 
JoAnn.King at odrc.<http://www.facebook.com/l/445afg7EBaA5k1YAaFagvtsYwFg;state.oh.us>http://www.facebook.com/l/445afg7EBaA5k1YAaFagvtsYwFg;state.oh.us

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