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Visiting Albert Woodfox


A3 supporter Rebecca Hensley recently visited Albert at the David 
Wade Correctional Center in Homer, LA, where he is now held. In a 
letter written shortly after seeing Albert, Rebecca writes:

I had a great visit with Albert. He's holding up well and is trying 
to maintain a more or less positive attitude in the face of 
temperatures averaging 110 degrees plus heat index. At 8:15 pm 
Saturday night, it was still 108 degrees in my car! In the cells, 
Albert and the fifteen fellow sufferers on his tier have four floor 
fans between them, so they sleep in 20-60 minute stretches on their 
mattresses on the floor, having given up sheets entirely because they 
just stay soaked. And this is on the non-punitive tier. Where guys 
are being punished, there is one fan for sixteen cells.

In addition, when a prisoner on another tier was gassed a couple of 
weeks ago, Albert's cell trapped some of the gas, making his eyes 
burn and causing him to vomit. Now, he has a repetitive, wheezy, dry 
cough. The "doctors" are checking him for "damage" related to 
disease, rather than admitting that the gas caused the coughing!

Albert says there's a new way to send money to prisoners in 
Louisiana. Prisoners will only be able to receive money deposited 
into the JPay system. There will be three ways to do it:

1) Go online to 
to leave money for a prisoner using your debit or credit card (a fee 
will be charged).

2) At some point, deposits to prisoner accounts will be made possible 
over the phone, but according to Albert's information, the phone 
number has not yet been set up (a fee will be charged for this, as well).

3) It will be possible to send a money order directly to JPay at P.O. 
Box 531370, Miami Shores, FL 33153, but you must have completed a 
"deposit slip." I'm assuming this means you'll have to request or 
print out the slips online.

For more information, call 866-333-5729.

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