[Ppnews] FBI raids homes of several Twin Cities war protesters

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Fri Sep 24 12:22:41 EDT 2010

FBI raids homes of several Twin Cities war protesters

By <http://www.startribune.com/bios/10644886.html>RANDY FURST, Star Tribune

Last update: September 24, 2010 - 11:08 AM

The homes of several leaders of the Twin Cities 
antiwar movement were raided Friday by the FBI in 
what an agency spokesman described as an 
“investigation into activities concerning the material support of terrorism.”

Search warrants were executed on six addresses in 
Minneapolis and at two in Chicago, said FBI spokesman Steve Warfield.

Among the homes raided were the apartments of 
Jessica Sundin, who was a principal leader of the 
mass march of 10,000 on the opening day of the 
Republican National Convention two years ago, and 
Mick Kelly, who was prominent in that protest and 
among those who announced plans to march on the 
Democratic National Convention in Minneapolis, if 
the city is selected to host it in 2012.

Ted Dooley, an attorney, said he had reviewed the 
search warrant issued in the raid on Kelly’s 
apartment. “It’s a probe into the political 
beliefs of American citizens and to any 
organization anywhere that opposes the American imperial design,” he said.

Steve Warfield, an FBI agent, declined to respond 
to Dooley’s comment. He said in a statement 
Friday, “We are doing six federal search warrants 
in Minneapolis that are related to an ongoing 
Joint Terrorism Task Force investigation into 
activities concerning the material support of 
terrorism. We are doing two search warrants in Chicago as well.”

He said the raids were conducted at about 7 a.m., 
but he declined to say who or what addresses were being raided.

Mick Kelly, who lives on the 1800 block of 
Riverside Av. in Minneapolis, said in a telephone 
interview that the FBI kicked down his door, 
handed him a search warrant and began inspecting 
his files. He said eight FBI agents were involved in the raid.

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