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Prison interview with Mondo we Langa on COINTELPRO and Omaha Two case

October 18th, 2010 10:08 am ET

Mondo we Langa (formerly David Rice) imprisoned 
in the maximum security Nebraska State 
Penitentiary at Lincoln is serving a life 
sentence for the 1970 bombing murder of an Omaha policeman.

Mondo was a leader of the Black Panther Party 
affiliate National Committee to Combat Fascism in 
Omaha and was convicted with Ed Poindexter, 
chairman of the Omaha chapter, for the murder of 
Larry Minard.  Both men were targets of the 
infamous Operation COINTELPRO of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

J. Edgar Hoover, director of the FBI, waged his 
own secret war on political activists in America 
using the clandestine COINTELPRO bureaucracy 
against individuals and groups he targeted in the 
largest abuse of law enforcement powers in American history.

Minard had been lured to his death by an 
anonymous 911 caller.  Hoover ordered the 
withholding of a FBI crime lab report on the 
identity of the 911 caller in order to convict 
the two Panther leaders now known as the Omaha Two.

In an exclusive prison interview Mondo we Langa, 
who maintains his innocence, talked about 
COINTELPRO and his prosecution from the prison 
where he has been held for four decades.

“We didn’t know about COINTELPRO
but what we did 
know in the Party is that in ‘69 Fred Hampton and 
Mark Clark had been murdered by the police in 
Chicago.  We knew that all over the country 
Panthers were being targeted by the police, the 
FBI and so forth,  So even though we didn’t know 
about the existence of COINTELPRO we did know 
that some things were going on that should not be 
going on in a supposed democracy.”

“It is about paranoia.  And when you think about 
it the U.S. government had a right to be paranoid
They were doing wrong to people every day.”

“But there were a couple of agendas working hand 
in hand.  One, you had the Omaha Police 
Department. Two, you had the FBI.  Now the FBI’s 
agenda was probably more related to the 
destruction of the Black Panther Party 
solely.  The Omaha Police agenda had that as part 
of their agenda as well as finding the killer or 
killers of Minard.  You can believe those cops wanted somebody.”
“But when you put the two agendas together, that 
is where we ended up with the situation where six 
people were so-called suspects and only two 
people went to trial.  Somebody had to pay for 
Minard’s killing, so they got that taken care 
of.  At the same time they were able to 
essentially kill the head so the body would die.”

Mondo we Langa currently has a new trial request 
pending before the 8th Circuit U.S. Court of 
Appeals citing a new forensic analysis of the 911 
tape that disputes the official version of the 
case.  No date for a decision on the request has been set.

Permission granted to reprint

prison interview with Mondo we Langa

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