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Cointelpro Gothic: Docs prove Iowa FBI's Wild Rose Rebellion a 
pretend RNC "Terrorism Enterprise" for great "statistical accomplishment"

Created 10/13/2010 - 03:46
Submitted by TCIMC on Wed, 10/13/2010 - 03:46

By Dan Feidt for Twin Cities Indymedia -

More than 300 newly released pages of Iowa FBI investigation files 
confirm the existence of a busy network of federal agents across the 
Midwest dedicated to clamping down on political dissenters. A Freedom 
of Information Act request by Des Moines' David Goodner revealed two 
extensive "Terrorism Enterprise" style investigations against 
dissenters mainly run by the Omaha FBI office into Iowa, including 
digging through garbage, watching restaurants, advanced data mining 
and cell phone record collection. The agents involved claimed 
"statistical accomplishment" of saving our nation from terrorism: 
this is exactly, how, and why, federal agents endlessly create 
pretend counterterror campaigns.

More incidents keep spilling out: yet another 
<http://cryptome.org/0002/fbi-home-spy.zip>report from the Department 
of Justice oversight office [1] (ZIP 2.4MB), the Office of the 
Inspector General, spelled out the FBI's deception towards Congress 
in spying on antiwar activists in Pittsburgh and elsewhere. The 
DOJ-OIG report focuses on FBI spying against meetings at 
<http://www.thomasmertoncenter.org/>Pittsburgh's Thomas Merton Center 
[2], the friendly group which houses Twin Cities Indymedia's 
counterpart, <http://pittsburgh.indymedia.org/>PGH Independent Media 
Center [3], and hosted many IMCers during the 2009 G20. And of course 
they <http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/wireStory?id=11735377>cheated on 
tests about surveillance [4]!

Download Cointelpro Gothic - the Iowa investigation, proving the 
existence of a national FBI Domestic Terrorism "Anarchists Team": 
pages FBI FOIA [9MB PDF [5]/ 
[6]]. Related coverage: 
FBI investigation in Des Moines Register [7] | 
<http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/10264/1089204-100.stm>ACLU files new 
PGH G20 lawsuit [8] | PGH Trib-Review: 
planned after terror list [9] | 
show anti-drill PA tracking [10] | 
FBI Inappropriately Tracked Domestic Advocacy Groups - The Atlantic 
[11]. Below the fold: How FBI launches counterterror snooping, adds 
dissidents to terror watchlists!

First a quick related note: Minnesotans' political activities also 
have been targeted in Pennsylvania, as indicated by the recently 
exposed confidential state homeland security contract with an 
Israeli-American 'counter terror' consultancy, paid by taxpayers to 
spy on the activities of many political dissidents. Both the 
Pennsylvania case and the Iowa/Omaha investigations targeted 
Minnesotans because their political activities made them visible. The 
Pennsylvania homeland security 
contract produced 137 reports called the "Pennsylvania Intelligence 
Bulletin" [12], which were 
in full on PublicIntelligence.net [12]. Included were entries about 
the August 
Tour launched from Minneapolis [13], mainly cribbed from website 
info. Along with info about any events involving the controversial 
Marcellus Shale gas drilling projects, various random anarchist, 
antiwar and Islamic events and holidays got described in ominous 
tones. A "Yes Men Save the World" screening could trigger illegal 
actions, warned the Israeli-American consultants. 
<http://info.publicintelligence.net/PAIB.zip>Download all here [14] 
ZIP, or <http://www.scribd.com/my_document_collections/2624874>browse 
it on Scribd.com [15].

Turning back to the Iowa FBI documents, we can learn a number of 
important structural features about how the FBI's turbocharged 
domestic terrorism machine targets people, feeds data around, and 
adds people to the actual main Terrorist Watchlist. A number of 
interesting features emerge from the Iowa/Omaha FBI investigations, 
though heavily redacted. The investigation methods including 
LexisNexis and obscure tracking systems, as well as the 
propagandizing material distributed among authorities like the 
infamous tattoo paranoia pamphlet, are laid out in the docs. We can't 
learn everything, but we can clearly see that federal agents are 
incentivized to accuse people of more-or-less quasi-terrorism, then 
claim statistical terrorism accomplishments to advance their careers. 
The proof is all in these documents. Are you feeling safer yet?

Are you interested in finding out what the Feds have on you? TC 
Indymedia previously hosted a workshop with Rich Neumeister & Coleen 
Rowley on how to do FOIA requests like the one that generated this 
<http://www.aclu-or.org/content/foia-does-fbi-have-file-you>Get your 
FBI FOIA via ACLU-Oregon instructions. [16]

FBI Midwest Anarchist Paranoia: Cases 100A-OM-51967 & 266H-OM-52112 
To "Claim Statistical Achievement"For Great Justice!

These excerpts are mostly in sequential order from the document 
release. They chart the details and results of the FBI's two Iowa 
spying campaigns, from the kickoff 'predicate' findings to launch the 
investigation, to scribbled field notes & cell phone logs, to the 
closing 'cleanup' messages. For more on the cryptic codes, see 
<http://www.historyofphonephreaking.org/writings/htraff/>How to Read 
an FBI File [17] from HistoryofPhonePhreaking.org. See also 
<http://www.abbreviations.com/acronyms/FBI>FBI Files Abbreviations [18].

Every FBI case has 'serial' files. A handy tip as seen on the first 
part we look at: Serial numbers are frequently handwritten in the 
lower right-hand corner of the front of the document in large 
letters. They consist of the file number (without the HQ or Field 
Office identifier) followed by a dash and the serial number.

At the beginning, the FBI Omaha Squad 6, Cedar Rapids Resident Agency 
or Agent (RA) opens a case titled "Wild Rose Rebellion" on March 12, 
2008. SA = Special Agent. You can see this is serial #2 of the whole 
FBI casefile, 100A-OM-51967. (OM means Omaha, 100A can mean the US 
Code violation they're suggesting). Classic: the Hoover-Esque 
bold/typewriter/redacted aesthetic, unchecked federal paranoia at its 
most pure. This kicks off the "ROUTINE" formalized FBI concept of the 
Wild Rose Rebellion, from which many Statistical Accomplishments can 
be claimed, like Nintendo Golden Coins for GMen.

The second page of real material (p13 in the PDF) shows the 
apparently important 'Accomplishment Information'. Similar things are 
in a 
animal rights-related FOIA posted by the ACLU for example [19]. 
Accomplishments" are a main metric [20] for FBI career progress. 
According to 
infamous shock jock & FBI informant/operative Hal Turner boasted [21] 
of major 'statistical accomplishments'. This is the primary career 
incentive to fabricate terrorism cases into (and outside) the FBI.

The next part is interesting because it's essentially the bootup 
script of an FBI Terrorism Enterprise spying campaign, "document SAC 
[Special Agent in Charge] Omaha Division authority to open a new 
Terrorism Enterprise Preliminary Investigation" targeted at a 
mysterious WILD ROSE REBELLION of Iowa City. Notice the "Attn: Squad 
5" area -- all those squads are under Omaha it appears. SSA is 
Supervisory Special Agent. IA is Intelligence Agent. It looks like 
Squads 5, 7 and 9 are controlled by Omaha, and further indications of 
their structure appears later. "Counterterrorism" is probably among 
the main FBI headquarters branch - more on that below.

The only tangible is the intangible "potentially criminal acts" -- 
the originating office (OO) is OM - Omaha. What a great title ... 
case 100A-OM-51967 (Pending) has expanded its Title into the exciting 

ALL CAPS excitement! "Vacillating" anarchists... The FOIA did not 
actually produce the TEI (Terrorism Enterprise Investigation) Goals 
and Objectives, sadly.

This next bit includes the magical command words incarnating the 
FBI's powers to arbitrarily turn yr life upside down. CDC Omaha can 
"finds the predication for this TEI exists" because it contains 
essentially anything possibly illegal. (What does CDC acronym mean 
though?) Clearly here there is no indication of any criteria 
resembling actual terrorism, namely real threats to people's safety. 
Instead it is basically proven here: if you try to plan anything 
illegal then the Midwest FBI TEI Predicate is Good To Go, and the 
garbage searching and cellphone subpoenas May Commence!

What could possibly go wrong? Time to setup a network of federal 
terror investigations! Interestingly we next find the setting of 
"leads" in different FBI branches as triggers, as the Omaha FBI 
office lays total claim of ownership to controlling the WILD ROSE 
REBELLION situation.

The Omaha Field Intelligence Group is activated, as well as the Cedar 
Rapids Resident Agency.

The next order sets the trigger for collecting drivers license and 
other data from investigation targets, at least "provides identifying 
information of [redacted] LNU" ... This is all kicking off in March 
2008. Squad 9 is revealed as part of the Field Intelligence Group 
(FIG), and again OO means Originating Office, OM is Omaha (In the 
Case ID, OM also means Omaha). 
<http://www.abbreviations.com/acronyms/FBI/11>LNU means Last Name Unknown [22].

This one also is Omaha FIG = Yes stamped/checked, kind of an 
interesting stamp. FBI documents have an unique structure: hidden 
blocks, key handwritten additions and stamped acts-of-acceptance. 
Good example here. This info came through the "FIG" or Field 
Intelligence Group, the purely-FBI-based workgroup in each main FBI 
field office under the Directorate of Intelligence.

The methods used to track people they found in Iowa get spelled out 
to some extent. 
<http://www.fas.org/irp/agency/doj/fbi/is/ncic.htm>NCIC is the 
National Crime Information Center [23]. Interestingly, some secret 
commercial database and LexisNexis play a major role in 
investigations. The 
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_Case_File>ACS is the Automated 
Case Support system [24], a decidedly antiquated system which SAIC 
and other contractors have profitably tried, and failed, to replace. 
(LexisNexis has many special data operations it markets to law 
enforcement & intelligence - see the 
Analytics Supercomputer [25] & 
Investigative Solutions [26]!) Sekrit NexisLexis? Look carefully - 
federal panopticon typo LOLs=teh best!

Federal grant programs finance the production and publication of 
exciting & ridiculous documents like the "Extremist Symbols, Tattoos 
and Terminology" pamphlet. (Look for the grant numbers to trace who's 
riding the gravy train.) They may be referring to a flyer like this 
one, financed by Bureau of Justice Assistance Grant # 
2007-MU-BX-K002, which also spawned a number of other similar goofy 
advisories across many industries nationwide.

Clearly indicated here: propagandizing law enforcement against 
anarchist tattoos. The so-called "Joint Terrorism Task Force" layer 
of operations is clearly the main group involved in Cruising Around.

Omaha FBI executed one hell of a garbage surveillance plan in here -- 
Total Garbage Awareness? The federal garbage surveillance diagrams 
are amazing--look thru the doc to see them. [Remember, this is where 
your counter-terror resources were put.]

One interesting aspect is how "leads" are formalized and distributed 
around the anti-Anarchist Fed network. Ramsey County deemed plenty of 
imaginary information appropriate... Minneapolis considered it covered. Lulz...

More interesting stuff from analysts including LexisNexis and 
Microsoft Streets & Trips.

The query system for LexisNexis phone numbers is powerful stuff with 
records back to 1988 in this case.

Not released in FOIA: some CDs that looked like this. Note the case 
number on discs. Graffiti ticked off Feds real well - they tend to 
see it as the key symbols to unravelling criminal realities 
evidently. (100A-OM-51967)

The real raw stuff here. The intrepid Joe Fridays and Jack Bauers of 
the Pretend Time Iowa Rose Rebellion CounterTerrorism Force made lots 
of notes of comings-and goings when doing active surveillance outside 
restaurants. You do not want to appear on stuff like this.

Just another Minnesota tag parked near Deadwood, in the 21st Century 
Midwest Surveillance State...

Whole Foods!

These surveillance photos have not been released yet but their 
existence is disclosed in the FOIA. "Surveillances" should go into 
Urban Dictionary.

A lot of Iowa DOT vehicle info collected...

Direct Action Skill Share recording at College Green park - content 
not shared on this FOIA, but weird looking snazzy pic included ["Hi-8 
Videocassette" looks photoshopped?] Everyone coming & going got 
logged, but apparently no audio they claim.

Now the structure of overall Joint Terrorism Task Force busywork 
comes into view. We can see the Iowa City spy project gave the 
University of Iowa Public Safety and Coralville JTTF officers 
something to do. TFO means Task Force Officer. SA is Special Agent. 
It's worth wondering whether University of Minnesota JTTF-related 
officers are spying on groups like SDS - this is really where data 
requests could reveal what is going on at the state level. What 
accountability can University of Iowa students obtain towards the 
Iowa Joint Terrorism Task Force?

The ever-popular US Attorneys Office (USAO) of the Southern District 
of Iowa (motto: "MOAR Corn & Creative Paranoia") "stated their 
support of opening a criminal investigation" . No one ever picked up 
any federal charges resembling this stuff, yet the mere hypothetical 
prospect of it was more than enough for the South Iowa Justice League 
to back this thing up. You can really have a lot of fun in these 
cases without ticking off any rich white people.

Again this gives away that it has nothing to do with 'real 
terrorism', instead the looser "apparent willingness to risk arrest 
at the RNC conceivably by violating the criminal laws" is the 
threshold for make total orwell.

Gotta check "each" everyone & see what goals they're trying to 
further when "their continued association with individuals/groups who 
espouse disrupting the RNC":

Heavily redacted RNC arrest reports follow, and the investigation 
gets wound down because they apparently have nothing on anyone from 
Iowa. It's time to claim FBI bonus points. Omaha Squad 6 / Cedar 
Rapids Resident Agency claims POSITIVE TERRORISM Statistical 
Accomplishment on September 9, 2008. This appears to be the main work 
product of the investigation. Even though there wasn't any 
terrorism... Bravo FBI Cedar Rapids Resident Agent Squad 6!

Again - "Statistical Accomplishment," especially easy pretend 
accomplishments, are the Coin of The Realm in career advancement -- 
this is proof of a crucial reason why individual federal agents are 
motivated to create fake terrorism situations. Squad 6 is definitely 
with Cedar Rapids Resident Agent (or Agency) and apparently 
contactable via a Special Agent (not a Resident Agent).

The October 21, 2008 has another helpful batch of notifications. DTOU 
is the national FBI Domestic Terrorism Operations Unit (see this 
<http://www.justice.gov/oig/special/s0604/index.htm>OIG report 
involving the 2004 RNC/DNC & DTOU investigations [27]). "DT" means 
Domestic Terrorism.

The "Anarchists Team" appears a subteam of "Domestic Terrorism 
Operations 5" under the national FBI command structure. (Or not? 
FBI counterterror org chart [28]). Thus did the Feds "DT-OPS 5 
Anarchists Team" get revealed. Squads 5, 7 and 9 appear to be inside 
Omaha FBI as noted above.

DT-OPS 5 and "Anarchists Teams" proven via the Leads connections to 
the Domestic Terrorism Operations Unit.

The log file of surveillance files, with that anachronistic FBI 
line-printer charm we know and love. This index shows how Case ID 
100A-OM-51967 is appended #20-26 items originating with Omaha field office.

Squad 6 definitely has the Cedar Rapids Resident Agent.

These are FBI case file numbers...

But why have one case when you can have two? Starting June 3rd, 2008, 
time to kick off yet another FBI investigation, case 266H-OM-52112, 
which got dumped right into the Terrorism filez. The 2008RNC spawned 
more espionage dubbed "spin-off" cases. Toll record information is 
cell phone info, and lots of it. Lots. The analysts combed all the 
numbers called, hundreds, and wrote about the patterns including how 
voicemails worked.

The goal is to find out if they are bad kids! A nice open-ended 
investigation, conveniently without a concrete base in any crimes.

This spin-off case sends its targets' info into TREX. TREX is the FBI 
Terrorist Review and Examination Unit. VGTOF is the 
Gang and Terrorist Organization File [29], run by the NCIC. VGTOF and 
TREX are basically the Terrorism Watch List system, as well as 
sources for the Investigative Data Warehouse, which is referenced 
elsewhere, and the Terrorist Screening Database. So yes if you land 
here, you are basically referenced as a terrorist to the Feds.

A ton of cell phone records get traced thoroughly, FBI analysts 
looking for connections. They did not censor a lot of phone numbers.

This is all about targeting Minnesotans. I blocked out all the 
numbers in red -- probably they were released by the FBI because the 
phone record belongs to its owner.

Squad 9 is connected to the Des Moines Resident Agency and Omaha FBI 
Field Intelligence Group.

Again we see the layout of several squads concerned with anarchists. 
The first branch seems to be the national set, the Squad 5/7/9 are 
controlled by Omaha.

The pages sent near the dates of the RNC are heavily censored, but 
they had to shut both cases down by the end of 2008. This is how you 
say FAIL in FBI Orwell Speak, including pulling "You == Terrorist" 
entries out of VGTOF. Sadly US Attorneys of Southern District of Iowa 
had to fold up their fishing expedition, but with whetted appetites 
they would soon be back for Scott & Carrie!

"Set Lead" upon Close Case Investigation: Triggers set to activate 
FBI Anarchists Teams, and also to pull out the hapless targets from 
the VGTOF and TREX terrorist files!

And that's pretty much how two heavily censored FBI terrorism 
investigation FOIA reports map out.

We've learned quite a bit about how each FBI case can easily lead to 
getting placed in the TREX/VGTOF terrorist tracking database without 
any real finding of threatening evidence. Again refer to 
your FBI FOIA info via ACLU-Oregon [16], and it might be amusing to 
bug your elected officials about how this whole Cointelpro Gothic 
scheme really works.

This report was mostly written just before the Minneapolis antiwar 
activist FBI raids on Sept 24 2010. Weird week... Contact 
<mailto:hongpong at hongpong.com>hongpong at hongpong.com [30] . UPDATE 
POSTPONED until next week or so... This Friday 6-8 PM, join us for a 
discussion on the FBI and more totally new documented, RNC-related 
and surprisingly insane Homeland Security findings on Axxiom For 
Liberty - tune in @ <http://www.ruleoflawradio.com>RuleofLawRadio.com. [31]

Source URL: 

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