[Ppnews] Attorney Tim Ashford on the withheld 911 tape of the Omaha Two case

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Attorney Tim Ashford on the withheld 911 tape of the Omaha Two case

    * October 7th, 2010 10:49 am ET
    * By 
Richardson, COINTELPRO Examiner

Omaha attorney Tim Ashford is representing Mondo 
we Langa (formerly David Rice) in his effort to 
gain a new trial for the August 1970 bombing murder of a policeman.

Ashford, who grew up a few blocks down on the 
same street where patrolman Larry Minard was 
murdered, has filed a request with the 8th 
Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals for a new 
trial.  The court has not yet acted on the request.

Ashford explains that he took on the case because 
it was apparent that justice was not done in the 
1971 trial which was marred by conflicting police 
testimony and withheld evidence by the Federal 
Bureau of Investigation regarding the identity of 
the anonymous 911 caller that lured Minard to his death.

Mondo and Ed Poindexter were leaders of the 
Nebraska chapter of the Black Panthers called the 
National Committee to Combat Fascism.   Both men 
were targets of J. Edgar Hoover’s clandestine war 
on domestic political activists, Operation COINTELPRO,

Paul Young, the Special Agent-in-Charge of the 
Omaha FBI office, had promised Hoover in a secret 
December 1969 COINTELPRO memorandum that he would 
target the leaders for “counter-intelligence 
measures” in the near future.  Hoover chastised 
Young for not producing results and told him to 
be “imaginative” in getting the Panther leaders off the Omaha streets.

The day Minard died, Young conferred with Glen 
Gates, the Assistant Chief of Police, and offered 
to send the 911 tape to the national FBI crime 
lab for analysis--with no written report to be 
issued.  When Ivan Willard Conrad, the crime lab 
director, got the COINTELPRO memo from Young 
about withholding a report on the identity of 
Minard’s killer he called Hoover to discuss the request.

Hoover told Conrad to “do it” and the exchange 
was noted by Conrad on the memo which he 
initialed and dated.  The jury that ultimately 
convicted Ed Poindexter and Mondo we Langa never 
got to hear the voice of Minard’s killer.

Tim Ashford talks about Hoover’s order to cancel 
the lab report with thinly veiled contempt. “They 
withheld, the FBI, the mighty FBI, withheld a 
memo regarding the 911 tape
..These are political prisoners.”

Ashford says the COINTELPRO memo, “illustrates 
clearly a motive by the police, imputed to the 
prosecution, to withhold the 911 tape from Mondo 
and co-defendant Poindexter from making any use of the tape at Mondo’s trial.”

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