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Letter from Jalil Muntaqim:

In the meantime, I'm doing everything I humanly 
can to promote the 2nd edition of "We Are Our Own 
Liberators." Trying to make it go viral in 
cyber-space, so if you have any ideas to promote 
the book on the internet please do so. I have a 
copy of reviews being circulated on the internet; 
Workers World paper published one, Pan-African 
News Service picked it up, and other periodicals 
will place advertisements. I recently did an 
interview for a new hip-hop magazine called the 
"Corner Store" mentioning the work. My thinking 
is if Paterson fails to do the right thing, the 
book will certainly increase my base of support 
by my 2012 parole hearing. I'm thinking about 
organizing a rally at the Division of Parole in 2012 if it becomes necessary.

One of the problems I'm confronting, which seems 
to be endemic in the overall movement is the 
level of "liberalism" infecting the progressive 
community. I'm really thinking about writing an 
overall criticism of the entire movement (what is 
supposed to be a movement). This anemic 
determination to challenge the system has 
essentially given the right-wing the overwhelming 
advantage to shape and mold public opinion to 
create an environment to usher overt fascism. A 
neo-Christian nationalist fascism is being formed 
with all of the trappings reminiscent of the advent of Nazi Germany.

But what is fundamental to the existence of 
"liberalism" in the "left" is this growing 
visceral opposition to any degree of militancy. 
It seems the progressive community has been 
cowered into a permanent state of passive 
resistance. A defensive posture bordering on 
cowardice in the face of reactionary racist 
marching to a tune of jingoism and xenophobia
as you can tell, I'm extremely dissatisfied with 
the "left" total existence and capitulation to reformism.

Recently I have been in discussion with folks 
about initiating a two-pronged national strategy 
with the overall objective to restore a militant 
determination in the movement. The first prong, a 
national signature petition campaign calling for 
the Reopening of COINTELPRO Hearings. This 
initiative will be for all of 2011, with the goal 
of collecting 250,000 signatures in such time. 
Obviously, for this to be successful all 
activists who claim to support U.S. PP/POWs will 
need to join and hit the bricks and talk up 
COINTELPRO, PPs and get signatures
 This would 
essentially be a national consciousness-raising 
campaign on our issue, up close and in person, 
with "the people," to gain their support and 
signatures; the second prong—a national 
mobilization to submit the signature petition 
demanding Reopening COINTELPRO Hearing and 
Amnesty for U.S. PP/POWs in D.C. during Spring 
Break 2012. The signature petition will be given 
directly to the CBC (John Conyers) and Obama's 
White House. After the submission in a rally 
participating activists will be instructed to 
return to their home state to challenge 
candidates during fundraising, town hall 
meetings, debates, etc. on our issue. In this 
way, our task/goal is to ensure our issue is 
raised onto the national debate during the election year of 2012.

I'm confident that the 20 month campaign could 
have tremendous impact to resurrect a militant 
national determination, raising both national and 
international consciousness on the existence of 
U.S. PP/POWs and their fight to demand amnesty. 
This is a win-win strategic proposition. Of 
course, Claude Marks/ Freedom Archives 
documentary "COINTELPRO 101" could prove 
extremely instrumental in being a catalyst, 
inspiring and giving additional political support to the national campaign.

Revolutionary love and unity,
Jalil Muntaqim
Auburn Correctional Facility

A revolution now cannot be confined to the place 
or people where it may commence, but flashes with 
lightning speed from heart to heart, from land to 
land, til it has traversed the globe ...
--Frederick Douglass

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