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For those who don't know [Lynne] Stewart is a 70 year old radical 
attorney who was imprisoned for staunchly defending her clients -- as 
a post-911 threat to other leftist and progressive attorneys to "back off"....

Buried Alive, But Fighting On

A Letter to Friends from Lynne Stewart

In the best-selling Steig Larsson trilogy, The Girl with the Dragon 
Tattoo,The Girl Who Played with Fire, and The Girl Who Kicked the 
Hornet's Nest, the heroine, Lisbeth Salander, a hardwired, brilliant 
young computer genius is shot and presumed to be dead, but is 
actually buried alive by the antagonist. He is a prototype of the 
cruel, greedy, misogynistic, exploiter.

She claws herself out of her premature grave and, indomitable and 
focused,defeats him. Finally by the end of volume three she has 
triumphed-using her own brains and, relying on her friends and 
comrades-over the entire corrupt corporate, governmental, military 
power structure that had been trying to oppress and suppress her, her 
whole life.

Thursday, July 15, Federal Judge John Koeltl attempted to bury me alive.

Acting for the Government and Judges of the Second Circuit Court of 
Appeals, he sentenced me at their demand, to more than five times the 
term he originally thought "right and just." With his new sentence, 
of ten years, I am buried in the Prison Industrial Complex until I am 
nearly 80 years old, if I make it. But, believe me, I, like Lisbeth 
Salander, intend to lift the dirt off and, even if weakened and 
wounded, regain my voice and strength!

Like Lisbeth, I too will always fight back. Justice has been my life, 
and upholding the Bill of Rights, my joy to defend and utilize on 
behalf of the People. Since I am now reduced to asking everyone's 
support and help for personal problems, whether medical or 
designation of my prison, or other legal issues, I want everyone to 
know what's expected and to have immediate connection to the people 
who will continue to be responsible for me and getting the word out. 
Along with that, I hope you will maintain contact if there is an 
opportunity where you live or at an event sponsored by your 
organization, to speak out about my current situation and highlight 
the injustice of increasing my sentence only to satisfy the most 
conservative judicial elements and feed the fear of the so-called war 
on terrorism.

Sources:1. Website, complete with sentencing minutes and submissions 
to the Court, articles, comment, letters, and upcoming events: 
Live persons: Ralph Poynter, 917 853-9759;

email: Lynne Stewart Organization: 1lawyerleft at gmail.com3.

Snail Mail: Lynne Stewart, #555304054, MCC NY, 150 Park Row, New 
York, NY10007, or Ralph Poynter, 1020 Dean Street, Brooklyn, NY 112164.

Email: <mailto:1lawyerleft at gmail.com>1lawyerleft at gmail.com

Medical: I still have a number of unresolved conditions-mysterious 
spot on my uterus to be checked (biopsy) for possible cancer, 
monitoring of bladder condition, a newly discovered kidney stone. My 
chronic problems undertreatment-diabetes, high blood pressure, 
cholesterol and assorted aches and pains and annoyances of aging! The 
Judge directed that I stay at MCC in NewYork City so that my doctor 
will continue to be responsible for my treatment. Our daughter, Dr. 
Zenobia Brown, will continue to consult with him.

Prisons: The Judge also directed that I remain at MCC during the 
pursuit of an appeal. He also recommended to the Bureau of Prisons 
that I be sent for imprisonment to Danbury FCI in Connecticut, about 
two hours driving, or on Metro North Rail line, from New York City. 
Visiting conditions will be much better and I will be able to see 
more of my family and supporters for longer periods in more 
ameliorative surroundings. Of course, the Bureau of Prisons is a law 
unto itself and if it decides I need to go elsewhere, the Judge's 
recommendation doesn't control. There are a limited number of women's 
prisons. They are in Minnesota, Florida, California, and West Virginia.

There is also the Federal Prison Hospital for Women in Carswell, 
Texas (near Fort Worth).

The Numbers: ten years equals 120 months; 87 percent Good Time Credit 
for Good Behavior equals 104.4 months; Already Served, equals eight 
months.Totaled out, it is approximately eight years. The last six to 
12 months is usually served in a halfway house (but nothing about 
this case has ever been usual!) The Grand Total is 84 months more to go.

Where so we go from here legally?

Court-wise, we are still making decisions about Possibilities of 
Appeals, Campaigns for Commutation, Clemency, etc. Keep in touch with 
the Web Page.

There will always be issues for me. Incidentally, I mentioned at 
sentencing that I had volunteered to teach GED and Literacy in here, 
and had been turned down - BOP regulations. They have neither 
program, nor any education program for the women. The following 
Monday, a sign-up sheet was posted for...GED and Literacy classes, a 
first here according to long term prisoners!!! The classes have 
started. You never know what can work! I was also asked how much time 
I could give. We'll see.

Just as the establishment tried to finish off Lisbeth Salander by 
burying her alive, I too am trying to dig myself out. Give me an 
assist. Continue the work. That is most important to me. Join the 
ongoing campaigns for Justice for the Scott sisters, MumiaAbu-Jamal, 
Leonard Peltier, Albert Woodfox and Herman Wallace (of The AngolaThree).

Remember All the Political Prisoners. Write to them. Put a little 
something in their commissary.

Force the government to End the Imperialist Wars.

Fight Racism. Fight for Palestine.

Challenge the Politicians. Demand that they tell you where they stand on Me.

Resist! Resist! Resist! Resist! Resist!

My gratitude and boundless embraces for everything everyone has done.


Lynne Stewart
53504-054 MCC-NY 2-S
150 Park Row
New York, NY 10007

July 21, 2010


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