[Ppnews] Avelino Gonzalez-Claudio Gets 7 Years For 1983 Wells Fargo Robbery

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Machetero Gets 7 Years For 1983 Wells Fargo Robbery

By ALAINE GRIFFIN, <mailto:agriffin at courant.com>agriffin at courant.com

The Hartford Courant

3:40 PM EDT, May 26, 2010


A conspirator in the 1983 heist of $7.1 million 
from a Wells Fargo depot in West Hartford was 
sentenced in federal court Wednesday afternoon to 
seven years in prison and ordered to pay back the money.

Avelino Gonzalez-Claudio pleaded guilty in 
February to conspiring to rob the Wells Fargo 
terminal on Sept. 12, 1983, and to transporting the money to Mexico.

In sentencing Gonzalez-Claudio, Judge Alfred V. 
Covello told him, "Wells Fargo is without $7 
million, and you just can't walk away from that."

Gonzalez-Claudio was a key figure in Los 
Macheteros, a clandestine group that advocates 
the use of violence to win Puerto Rico's 
independence from the United States. The group 
intended to use the money to finance a war 
against federal interests on the island and to 
support leftist insurgencies elsewhere in Latin 
America, according documents seized by authorities and other evidence.

Gonzalez-Claudio disappeared after being indicted 
as a conspirator in the Wells Fargo heist and was 
a fugitive for 22 years until his capture in 
Puerto Rico by the FBI in February 2008. He was 
apprehended while driving through a north coast town.

According to the sentencing memorandum, while 
federal prosecutors do not believe 
Gonzalez-Claudio is physically able to take part 
in future violent crimes, they are concerned that 
after his release from prison he would continue 
his association and involvement with Los Macheteros.

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