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Fri May 21 16:59:38 EDT 2010

Puerto Rican Political Prisoner Wins Release on Parole
May 21, 2010

The National Boricua Human Rights Network and the 
Human Rights Committee of Puerto Rico have the 
great and historic pleasure of announcing that 
Puerto Rican political prisoner Carlos Alberto 
Torres, after serving 30 years in U.S. prisons 
for his commitment to the independence of his 
nation, will be released on parole in July of 
this year, to reside in Puerto Rico.

This historic release is due to Carlos Alberto’s 
maintaining his integrity and commitment 
throughout three decades behind bars, and to the 
support of the people of Puerto Rico, Puerto 
Rican communities in the U.S., as well as those 
who support human rights throughout the world. 
This broad support was key in winning his 
release, and he is looking forward to expressing his gratitude in person.

For no legitimate reason, he was made to serve 
almost 11 years more than his compatriots who 
were released in 1999, when president Clinton 
deemed their sentences to be disproportionately 
lengthy. The United States stands out as the 
country whose political prisoners serve among the 
longest sentences in the world.

Two Puerto Rican political prisoners remain in 
U.S. custody. Oscar López Rivera, who this month 
will mark his 29th year in prison, is not 
scheduled for release until 2023; and Avelino 
González Claudio, who this month will be 
sentenced to a term not to exceed 7 years. While 
planning the celebration of Carlos Alberto’s 
release, the National Boricua Human Rights 
Network and the Human Rights Committee of Puerto 
Rico will continue to work for the release of 
both remaining political prisoners.

in the U.S.: Alejandro Molina 312/296-7210
in Puerto Rico: Eduardo Villanueva 787/612-7840

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