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Tue Mar 16 15:38:45 EDT 2010

The Bruce Seidel* Red Star Retirement Fund donates to Marilyn Buck

When former George Jackson Brigade (GJB) member and political 
prisoner Mark Cook was released from prison in 2000, after having 
survived 24 years behind bars, Seattle's progressive community raised 
nearly $8,000 in cash for him. They were also able to give him a car 
which he drove for years, and got him the job that he still works at today.

Now Mark wants to give some of his good fortune to other progressive 
political prisoners who are being released from prison. Most of these 
men and women have served twenty, thirty, and even 40 years or more 
on the inside.

The Bruce Seidel Red Star Retirement Fund is a small step toward 
providing financial help to those comrades coming out of prison. Mark 
has placed $10,000 into escrow. Another former GJB member has donated 
$3,000 to the fund. This money will initially be paid out to 
political prisoners and POWs being released at a rate of $100 for 
every year they've been confined. $2,000 was donated March 13th at 
the Sparks Fly event in Oakland supporting the upcoming release of 
political prisoner Marilyn Buck. Several thousand dollars more were 
also raised for Marilyn at Sparks Fly. You can also support Marilyn 
Buck's release 
<https://secure.groundspring.org/dn/index.php?aid=18891>HERE - donate 
and indicate in "other" that it is for Marilyn Buck.

If the money in the Bruce Seidel release fund also increases, so too 
will the amount paid out to the comrades being released. The fund is 
overseen by former imprisoned comrades of the George Jackson Brigade, 
including Ed Mead, Mark Cook, Bo Brown, and Janine Bertram.

To support the growth of this fund or to alert them of the release of 
political prisoners contact:

Bruce Seidel Memorial Fund
P.O. Box 69586
Seattle, WA 98168

*Bruce was a member of the George Jackson Brigade, killed in a 
shootout with police during a GJB bank expropriation on January 23, 1976.

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