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Ronald Conway and Paulo Harris have prepared this 
brief letter requesting Eddie's presence at his 
mother's funeral service. Please help support 
this request by following the instructions in the letter. Thank you.

Passing of Eleanor Conway: An Urgent Plea!

Posted on 
15, 2010 by 
<http://eddieconway.wordpress.com/author/paulogregory/>Paulo Gregory

As many of you know Eddie Conway’s mother, 
Eleanor Conway passed suddenly on last Thursday. 
Eddie has not been able to see his mother for 
quite a long time.  The following request is from Eddie’s family.

We are contacting you on behalf of the Conway 
family. We are requesting your support to ensure 
that Eddie be allowed to attend the funeral of 
his dearly departed mother. There is information 
below on how to contact the Secretary, Department 
of Public Safety and Correctional Services who 
has the authority to temporarily provide 
bereavement leave to Eddie so that he can 
properly say goodbye to his mother. We urge that 
you contact the Secretary and reach out to as 
many others as possible to do the same to make 
certain that Eddie is permitted to do so. Given 
the urgency of the timing, please call and speak 
directly with the Secretary, or leave a voice message.

Please also send your thoughts and prayers!

Gary D. Maynard, Chair
Secretary, Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services
Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions
6852 4th St, Sykesville, MD 21784-7433

Telephone: 410-875-3400, Fax: 410-875-3582
gmaynard at dpscs.state.md.us

Please call, fax, or email!

We also invite you to attend the funeral. The 
family has arranged for the services to take 
place Thursday June 17th at 1:30 pm at March Funeral home.

The address is:

March’s Funeral Home
4300 Wabash Ave
Baltimore, MD 21215
Contact Information

Phone – 410-543-2400

Contacting Eddie

You may send your condolences to:

Marshall E. Conway #116469
Jessup Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 534
Jessup, MD 20794

Marshall Eddie Conway talks about COINTELPRO and the Black Panthers

June 15, 10:49 AM
<http://www.examiner.com/x-47718-COINTELPRO-Examiner>COINTELPRO Examiner
Michael Richardson

Red Emma’s independent bookstore in Baltimore, 
Maryland recently had a book release event but 
without a book signing. Fifty people crowded into 
Red Emma’s to listen to the author they could not 
see talk about a secret government program, Operation COINTELPRO.

Marshall Eddie Conway, former Minister of Defense 
for the Baltimore chapter of the Black Panthers, 
is one of the longest imprisoned targets of 
Operation COINTELPRO. Jailed forty years for the 
1970 murder of a Baltimore policeman. Conway 
called Red Emma’s bookstore in Baltimore from his 
cellblock to talk about his new book, The Greatest Threat.

Conway has been confined four decades since his 
arrest while at work at the Post Office. Conway 
was charged with the shooting death of a 
policeman on the basis of a photo identification 
by another policeman who allegedly saw Conway in 
the distance at the crime scene the night before his arrest.

No physical evidence linked Conway to the 
shooting and his primary accuser ended up being 
an informer cellmate who bought his own freedom 
by claiming Conway confessed to the crime. Conway 
has consistently maintained his innocence and 
objected to his cellmate fearing subsequent perjured testimony

The Greatest Threat details the heady days of 
revolutionary spirit and the rise of the Black 
Panthers that led to the subversion of justice by 
the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The director 
of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, led a personal 
secret war against American political activists 
and targeted the Black Panthers as the most 
dangerous group in America. Hoover prodded field 
agents to “disrupt” the Panthers and break the 
organization by attacking its leadership.

Hoover’s COINTELPRO campaign was national in 
scope and eventually became a major priority of 
the police agency--all in secret.

Conway’s controversial trial resembled a farce 
with Conway denied his own attorney and often not 
present in the courtroom. The court-appointed 
attorney, not of Conway’s choosing, only met with 
Conway for two brief meetings as part of trial 
preparation. Conway kept a defiant posture when 
he was in the courtroom and his fate was sealed with a life sentence.

Conway was able to speak with the Red Emma’s 
audience for the better part of an hour 
reflecting on his time in prison and answering 
questions. Several times the call-in lecture was 
interrupted and Conway had to call back in from 
the medium-security cellblock where he is imprisoned.

Proceeds from the sale of the book go to Conway’s legal defense fund.

Permission granted to reprint

To listen  to Marshall Eddie Conway's call-in 
click on link:  <http://www.redemmas.org/books/>http://www.redemmas.org/books/

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