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There are significant developments on various 
fronts in the coordinated legal campaign to save 
& free Mumia Abu-Jamal. The complex court 
proceedings are moving forward at a fast pace. Mumia’s life is on the line.

Court Developments: We are engaged in pivotal 
litigation in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 
Third Circuit, Philadelphia. At stake is whether 
Mumia will be executed or granted a new jury 
trial on the question of the death penalty.

Two years ago we won on that issue, with the 
federal court finding that the trial judge misled 
the jury thereby rendering the proceedings 
constitutionally unfair. Then in January 2010 the 
U.S. Supreme Court vacated that ruling based upon 
its decision in another case, & ordered that the 
case be again reviewed by the Court of Appeals.

The prosecution continues its obsession to kill 
my client, regardless of the truth as to what 
happened at the time of the 1981 police shooting. 
Its opening brief was filed April 26. Our initial 
brief will be submitted on July 28. At issue is the death penalty.

In separate litigation, we are awaiting a 
decision in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on 
prosecutorial abuses, having completed all 
briefing in April. The focus is on ballistics.

Petition for President Barack Obama: It is 
crucial for people to sign the petition for 
President Barack Obama, Mumia Abu-Jamal & the 
Global Abolition of the Death Penalty, which was 
initially in 10 languages (Swahili & Turkish have 
since been added). This is the only petition 
approved by Mumia & me, & is a vital part of the 
legal effort to save his life. Please sign the 
petition & circulate its link 

Nearly 22,000 people from around the globe have 
signed. These include: Bishop Desmond Tutu, South 
Africa (Nobel Peace Prize); Günter Grass, Germany 
(Nobel Prize in Literature); Danielle Mitterrand, 
Paris (former First Lady of France); Fatima 
Bhutto, Pakistan (writer); Colin Firth (Academy 
Award Best-Actor nominee), Noam Chomsky, MIT 
(philosopher & author); Ed Asner (actor); Mike 
Farrell (actor); Michael Radford (director of the 
Oscar winning film Il Postino); Robert Meeropol 
(son of Julius & Ethel Rosenberg, executed in 
1953); members of the European Parliament; 
members of the German Bundestag; European 
Association of Lawyers for Democracy & World 
Human Rights; Reporters Without Borders, Paris.

European Parliament; Rosa Luxemburg Conference; 
World Congress Against the Death Penalty; Geneva 
Human Rights Film Festival: We began the year 
with a major address to the annual Rosa Luxemburg 
Conference in Berlin, Germany, sponsored by the 
newspaper junge Welt. The large auditorium was 
filled with a standing-room audience. Mumia 
joined me by telephone. We announced the 
launching of the online petition, Mumia Abu-Jamal 
& the Global Abolition of the Death Penalty.

A large audience on the concluding night of the 
World Congress Against the Death Penalty in 
Geneva, Switzerland, February 25, heard Mumia by 
telephone. He spoke as a symbolic representative 
of the over 20,000 men, women & children on death 
rows around the world. The call came as a 
surprise since we thought it had been canceled. 
Mumia’s comments from inside his death-row cell 
brought to reality the horror of daily life in 
which death is a common denominator. During an 
earlier panel discussion I spoke of racism in 
capital cases around the globe with the case of 
Mumia as a prime example. A day before the 
Congress on February 23, I talked at the Geneva 
Human Rights Film Festival on the power of films 
in fighting the death penalty & saving Mumia.

On March 2 in the European Parliament, Brussels, 
Belgium, members Søren Søndergaard (Denmark) & 
Sabine Lösing (Germany) announced the beginning 
of a campaign to save Mumia & end executions. 
They were joined by Sabine Kebir, the noted 
German author & PEN member, Nicole Bryan, & me. 
We discussed the online petition which helps not 
only Mumia, but all the condemned around the globe.

Donations for Mumia's Legal Defense & Online 
Petition: The complex litigation & investigation 
that is being pursued on behalf of Mumia is 
enormously expensive. We are in both the federal 
& state courts on the issue of the death penalty, 
prosecutorial wrongdoing, etc. Mumia's life is on the line.

How to Help: For information on how to help, both 
through donations & signing the Obama petition, 
please go to Mumia’s legal defense website 

Checks should be payable to the National Lawyers 
Guild Foundation, which is tax-exempt under 
section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code 
(write "Mumia" on the lower left of the check). 
The donations are thus tax deductible and go 
exclusively to Mumia's legal defense. Donations 
to any other group in the U.S. do not go to his 
defense. The checks should be mailed to:

Committee To Save Mumia Abu-Jamal, P.O. Box 2012, New York, NY 10159-2012

Conclusion: Mumia remains on death row under a 
death judgment. He is in greater danger than at 
any time since his arrest 28 years ago. The 
prosecution is pursuing his execution. I win 
cases, & will not let them kill my client. He must be free.

Yours very truly,
Robert R. Bryan
Lead counsel for Mumia Abu-Jamal

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