[Ppnews] Scott DeMuth Denied Continuance for Trial

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Scott DeMuth, Charged Under the AETA, Denied Continuance for Trial

Friday, January 29 2010 @ 06:46 AM CST


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Scott's new lawyer, Michael Deutsch, filed a motion to continue the 
March 1st trial date to allow him proper time to investigate and 
prepare for trial. Also in support of the motion Michael stated he 
had two small kids and a working wife which prohibited a trial before 
June 1st. The motion also stated that Scott wanted to finish his 
graduate work before the trial.

Magistrate Shields denied the motion saying a June 1st trial date was 
"unrealistic" and, more or less, that defense counsel's family issues 
and Scott's education needs were irrelevant. The defense was given 
leave to file another motion with a more "realistic" request for a trial date.

Apparently the Court wants to railroad this case to trial without 
regard for the defense need to prepare or the needs of the counsel or 
the defendant.

The defense has filed a new motion requesting an April 21st trial 
date, and also cited numerous motions that will be filed challenging 
the indictment, the statute and the whole prosecution theory; they 
have asked for 30 days to file these motions. We await a decision on 
all of this.

Meanwhile, Scott may have to proceed with a pre-trial conference on 
February 8. If this is the case, we're asking that supporters who are 
able travel to Davenport for the hearing.

Scott was charged with conspiracy under the Animal Enterprise 
Terrorism Act (AETA) two days after he and Carrie Feldman, both of 
Minneapolis, were taken into custody on civil contempt for refusing 
to testify before a grand jury in Davenport, IA. Carrie remains in 
jail for refusing to cooperate and her lawyers are fighting for her 
release. In the meantime, both Scott and Carrie need help with their 
legal support needs.

You can donate online by visiting 
or send a check or money order made out to Coldsnap Legal Collective 
with "EWOK!" in the memo line to Coldsnap Legal Collective, P.O. Box 
50514, Minneapolis, MN 55405.

In Solidarity,

the Scott & Carrie Support Committee (SCSC)


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