[Ppnews] US Supreme Court will hold Friday conference about Mumia's case

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Wed Jan 13 17:58:27 EST 2010

Yesterday there was a huge development in Mumia's case.

According to a posting yesterday on the US Supreme Court's website, 
the Court has scheduled a conference for this Friday, January 15, to 
discuss Mumia's case. Specifically, they are looking at the 
Philadelphia DA's request to have Mumia executed without a new 
sentencing hearing.

The Supreme Court has apparently been waiting for the ruling on the 
Spisak case, which was also released yesterday. In Spisak, the court 
ruled to reinstate Spisak's death sentence, but it is still unclear 
what impact this ruling will have. The common thread between Mumia 
and Spisak is the "Mills" precedent, and the Court yesterday ruled 
that Spisak's case did not meet the standards of Mills.

This is the link to the Supreme Court posting:


Here is a recent article by Jeff Mackler, explaining the importance 
of the Spisak case:


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