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Irma Muniz: The Time is Now to Free Ramsey

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on Sunday, January 03 @ 18:35:21 EST

Dear Friends:

The year 2010 is a year for change as we have 
increased the efforts to free Ramsey Muniz! 
Support received on national and international 
levels demonstrates that the time is now!

On an international level, a recent article by Amigas de Mumia, México states,
"To the sound of drums, a little over a hundred 
of us demanded freedom for Mumia Abu-Jamal 
outside the United States Embassy in Mexico City 
on December 9, 2009, as well as for Leonard 
Peltier, the men and women of MOVE, the Angola 3, 
Sundiata Acoli, Los Cinco, Francisco Torres, Hugo 
Pinnell, Ruchell Magee, Marilyn Buck, Dr. Mutulu 
Shakur, the Puerto Rican Independentistas, David 
Gilbert, Ramsey Muñiz, the environmental 
prisoners and all the social activists that this 
government intends to bury alive."

Our requests for prayers and spiritual 
intervention have made their way to India, as 
correspondence regarding Ramsey Muñiz was 
delivered to Amma. We feel blessed for a 
spiritual connection with Amma, a woman who is 
considered by many throughout the world as a living saint and prophet.

Nationally, we are most grateful for the support 
demonstrated by Rosa Rosales, National President 
of LULAC, who recently met with us to provide 
assistance in the efforts to free Ramsey Muñiz. 
The compassion and love that she demonstrates 
makes her a true leader, and we hold her in great 
esteem for the work that LULAC has done to help us.

Joe Ortiz, National Civil Rights Director for the 
American GI Forum, continues to provide support 
and we extend our gratitude to the American GI 
Forum for the assistance that they continue to provide.

As we move forward to free Ramsey Muñiz , the 
list of organizational support continues to grow, 
and we call on all organizations and individuals 
to join this movement. The need to unite in this 
humanitarian cause is critical and the time is now!

We continue to thank God for the signs given to 
us that Ramsey will obtain the freedom that he so 
rightfully deserves! Thank you for the assistance 
that you have provided to free Ramsey Muñiz.

Irma Muñiz

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