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February 4, 2010
Parole Appeal

Eric Seitz filed an appeal of the August parole decision with the 
U.S. Parole Commission months ago. Concerned that the decision was 
taking more time than is usual, Attorney Seitz recently called the 
Commission. The Commission claimed to have never received the appeal!

There is a time limit for filing an appeal of a parole decision. 
Failure to file within the required period of time is considered a 
waiver of appeal, which is not Leonard's intention.

Seitz immediately sent another set of materials to the Parole 
Commission together with proof of delivery of the original set.

As of several days ago, the Parole Commission confirmed receipt and 
also acknowledged they were at fault for "losing" the original set of 
materials. Therefore, Leonard's appeal of the parole decision will go 
forward. The Commission's final decision is expected soon.

Any operating unit within the U.S. Department of Justice would lose 
its head if not attached, it seems. The prison infirmary at 
USP-Lewisburg recently "lost" x-rays taken when Leonard received 
"care" for a head laceration sustained when he slipped and fell on 
some ice. A second set of x-rays was taken, doubling Leonard's 
exposure to radiation. His symptoms blurred vision, for example have 
not yet been fully addressed.

We'll keep you posted.

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