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Dear Friends,

We are very pleased and excited to let you know 
that­thanks to your grassroots support­our new 
film, COINTELPRO 101, several years in the 
making, is now out in the world! When, as we 
hope, it becomes a useful educational tool, each 
one of you must share in that sense of 
accomplishment because­to use a fundraising 
cliché that is absolutely true in this case­it 
would not have been possible without you!

COINTELPRO 101  premiered­first in June at the US 
Social Forum in Detroit, and now, in October and 
November in San Francisco, Portland, and the Twin 
Cities­where it is presented in the context of 
recent FBI break-ins and Grand Jury intimidation. 
The film is already scheduled to be shown at a 
number of national and international film 
festivals, and will be released as a DVD in 
spring 2011. It will be subtitled in both Spanish 
and French and will include ‘extra’ interviews.

We are honored that COINTELPRO 101 and Legacy of 
Torture were part of presentations in Geneva by 
the US Human Rights Network for the first ever 
Universal Public Review of the United States 
conducted by the UN Human Rights Council. In this 
context the US was challenged for violating the 
UN Charter and Universal Declaration of Human 
Rights – with an emphasis on the ongoing 
imprisonment of political prisoners and mass incarceration.

Cointelpro 101 was also shown recently with 
Spanish subtitles to students in Puerto Rico. 
Other showings are being scheduled on the island.

At one showing in the Portland area, a middle 
school student from Forest Grove happened to be 
in the audience of mostly college students during 
the discussion after the movie. She raised her 
hand and asked “why don’t they teach us this in 
school?” I replied, “Well, maybe you can answer 
that question yourself.” She wisely said, “I 
guess because they don’t want us to know about this history.”
Cointelpro 101 is a riveting recall of history 
for anyone who wants to be inspired to work 
toward an end to the U.S. practice of terrorism. 
Because it was not then: it is happening still in America!
Lenore Daniels, Black Commentator
COINTELPRO 101 can be used as part of organizing 
efforts to combat the current wave of repression, 
and that it can be shown widely in high school 
and university classes. Some curriculum 
suggestions to accompany the film are on our 
website along with additional readings on COINTELPRO.
Strong interviews, rarely seen clips, high 
quality audio and video production across the 
board with equally strong narration

Ball, Black Agenda Radio
The extensive collection of the Freedom Archives 
continues to expand with new additions of printed 
materials-political and underground papers along 
with pamphlets and leaflets. Our dedicated 
interns are busy organizing and cataloging our 
growing “paper archives” so that they can best 
compliment our audio and video collections.

Your support is the key factor in ensuring the 
growth , expansion, and accessibility of the 
Freedom Archives collections.  With the recent 
passings of long time activists Lolita Lebron and 
Marilyn Buck we realize even more the important 
of preserving our voices of struggle throughout 
the generations.  The Freedom Archives are 
fortunate to contain many hours of recordings 
with Lolita Lebron; a sample of her can be heard 
on our Roots of Resistance CD.  Wild Poppies is 
an important CD devoted entirely to the poetry of 
Marilyn Buck.  We were honored to provide an 
edited video of Marilyn for the recent memorials 
to her life in Oakland and in New York.

You make the difference. Despite the challenges 
of the time we know that you appreciate and value 
our work.  As an activist community focused 
organization, every contribution to our work 
makes a difference-no matter how small.  (You can 
use the link below to donate on line.)

Thank you so very much.

Online donation system by ClickandPledge

Freedom Archives
522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

415 863-9977

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