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Greetings All:

Reminding you that Saturday August 21 marks the 39th anniversary of 
the death of our beloved Comrade, George Lester Jackson (Sept. 23, 
1941 - August 21, 1971).  I'm attaching a photo of an acrylic 
painting recently sent to me from Sundiata Acoli who is doing his 
36th year in a New York prison (just denied 10!).  You can learn more 
about Sundiata at 
<http://www.sundiataacoli.org>www.sundiataacoli.org.  I'm also 
including some quotes from George's writings:

"International capitalism cannot be destroyed without the extremes of 
struggle. The entire colonial world is watching the blacks inside the 
U.S., wondering and waiting for us to come to our senses. Their 
problems and struggles with the Amerikan monster are much more 
difficult than they would be if we actively aided them. We are on the 
inside. We are the only ones (besides the very small white minority 
left) who can get at the monster's heart without subjecting the world 
to nuclear fire. We have a momentous historical role to act out if we 
will. The whole world for all time in the future will love us and 
remember us as the righteous people who made it possible for the 
world to live on. If we fail through fear and lack of aggressive 
imagination, then the slave of the future will curse us, as we 
sometimes curse those of yesterday. I don't want to die and leave a 
few sad songs and a hump in the ground as my only monument. I want to 
leave a world that is liberated from trash, pollution, racism, 
nation-states, nation-state wars and armies, from pomp, bigotry, 
parochialism, a thousand different brands of untruth, and licentious, 
usurious economics." (Soledad Brother: The Prison Letters of George Jackson)

"Black capitalism, black against itself.  The silliest contradiction 
in a long train of spineless, mindless contradictions.  Another 
painless, ultimate remedy:  be a better fascist than the 
fascist.  Bill Cosby, acting out the establishment agent -- what 
message was this soul brother conveying to our children?  I Spy [the 
sixties tv program where he played a CIA agent's subordinate] was 
certainly programmed to a child's mentality.  This running dog in the 
company of a fascist with a cause, a flunky's flunky, was 
transmitting the credo of the slave to our youth, the mod version of 
the old house nigger.  We can never learn to trust as long as we have 
them.  They are as much a part of the repression, more even than the 
real live rat-informer-pig.  Aren't they telling our kids that it is 
romantic to be a running dog?  The kids are so hungry to see the 
black male do some shooting and throw some hands that they can't help 
themselves from identifying with the quislings.  So first they turn 
us against ourselves, precluding all possibility of trust, then 
fascism takes any latent divisible forces and develops them into 
divisions in fact:  racism, nationalism, religions."

"The blanket indictment of the white race has done nothing but 
perplex us, inhibit us.  The theory that all whites are the immediate 
enemy and all Blacks our brothers (making them loyal) is silly and 
indicative of a lazy mind (to be generous, since it could be a 
fascist plot).  It doesn't explain the Black pig; there were six, on 
the Hampton-Clark kill.  It doesn't explain the Black paratroopers 
(just more pigs) who put down the great Detroit riot, and it doesn't 
explain the pseudo-bourgeois who can be found almost everythere in 
the halls of government working for white supremacy, fascism, and captialism."

"The Black bourgeoisie (pseudo-bourgeoisie), the right reverends, the 
militant opportunists, have left us in a quandary, rendered us 
impotent.  How ridiculous we must seem to the rest of the Black world 
when we beg the government to investigate their own protective 
agencies.  Aren't the wild hip-shooting pigs loose among us to 
protect the property rights of the people who formed the government?"

"All political parties, as things stand, will support the power 
complex. Any individual elected will either be a supporter of the 
established politics -- or an 'individual.' What would help us, in 
fact, is to allow as many right-wing elements as possible to assume 
'political' power. ...The fascists already have power. The point is 
that some way must be found to expose them and combat them. An 
electoral choice of ten different fascists is like choosing which way 
one wishes to die. The holder of so-called high public office is 
always merely an extension of the hated ruling corporate class.  It 
is to our benefit that this person be openly hostile, despotic, 
unreasoning. We are not living in a nation where left-wing parties 
hold eighty out of two hundred seats in a congressional body...This 
is a huge nation dominated by the most reactionary and violent ruling 
class in the history of the world, where the majority of the people 
just simply cannot understand that they are existing on the misery 
and discomfort of the world." /(Blood In My Eye p 71-72)/

  "When we participate in this election to win, instead of disrupt, 
we're lending to its credibility, and destroying our own. With all 
the factors of control over the electoral process in the hands of the 
minority ruling class, the people's party can always be made to seem 
isolated, unimportant, even extraneous...Participation in electoral 
politics organized by the enemy state -- after recognizing that the 
whole process must be discredited as a conditional step into 
revolution, and particularly participation that tends to authenticate 
this process -- is the opposite of revolution. It's a tactic for the 

  "A social revolution after the fact of the modern corporate 
capitalist state can only mean the breakup of that state and a 
completely new form of economics and culture."

  "Freedom means warmth and protection against harsh exposure to the 
elements. It means food, not garbage. It means truth, harmony, and 
the social relations that spring from these. It means the best 
medical attention whenever it's needed. It means employment that is 
reasonable, that coincides with the individual necessities and 
feelings.  We will have this freedom even at the cost of total war."


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