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Mon Aug 2 11:15:13 EDT 2010

from Ralph Pointer, Lynne Stewart's husband, write to Federal Bureau 
of Prisons today, please.


Please consider writing a letter of request/encouragement that the 
Federal Bureau of Prisons assign Lynne Stewart to the Federal 
Correctional Institute for female prisoners in Danbury, CT. to the 
following address:

Harley Lappin, Director,
Federal Bureau of Prisons,
320 First Street NW
Washington, DC 20534-0002

A friend researched and discovered that it could be fruitful to mail 
letters to this source. The suggestion came from International Cure, 
a prison reform group.
Lynne is 70 years old, is in remission from breast cancer, and has 
other medical issues. Most important, most of her immediate family 
are in New York City.
Lynne's well-being will be substantially affected by visits from them 
and other friends in that vicinity.

Thank you for your faithful interest in this historic case.
Beth DuMez

Freedom Archives
522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

415 863-9977

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