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This morning, at the Federal Courthouse in Davenport, IA, Scott 
DeMuth and his defense team met for what was supposed to be a final 
pre-trial conference before an early May trial date. Citing his own 
unpreparedness as the primary motivation, Assistant US Attorney Cronk 
filed a motion to push back the trial date at least until early June 
and perhaps into July. Magistrate Judge Shields approved the 
continuance to an as-yet-unspecified date even though Scott's 
previous request for a continuance had been denied as "unrealistic."

The delay is clearly another of the State's stalling tactics and is 
indicative of the fact that the case against Scott is unwinnable. 
Having bought extra time, Cronk is continuing his search to find a 
brain for his straw-man case.

Twenty-five supporters, including members of SCSC and locals from the 
greater Quad Cities area, rallied outside the Courthouse and packed 
the courtroom. Among the supporters was recently released grand jury 
resister Carrie Feldman.

Even though Scott now has more time before his trial, he is still 
facing a tremendous bill for his legal defense. Fundraising is needed 
now more than ever, and any help we can get with this would be 
greatly appreciated. People can donate online at 
http://davenportgrandjury.wordpress.com or send a check or money 
order made out to Coldsnap Legal Collective with "EWOK!" in the 
subject line to Coldsnap Legal Collective, P.O. Box 50514, 
Minneapolis, MN 55404. No cash to spare? No problem! Host a 
fundraiser and help raise money as well as awareness for what Scott is facing!

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