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Free Leonard Peltier! Malcolm McLaren uses last 
words to call for release of American Indian killer

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Malcolm McLaren and Young Kim

Punk: Malcolm McLaren and Young Kim

Even at the end, the godfather of punk remained 
true to his anti-establishment roots. The last 
words of Malcolm McLaren were a plea for the 
release of a radical American Indian convicted of killing two FBI agents.

Moments before he died of a rare form of cancer 
at a clinic in Switzerland, the man who created 
the Sex Pistols turned to his family and said: ‘Free Leonard Peltier.’

Although an obscure cause to some, Peltier is 
known to supporters as a charasmatic leader of 
the American Indians and has been at the centre 
of a global campaign for his freedom. The 
65-year-old remains in prison in Pennsylvania 
with no chance of release until 2024.

McLaren’s former partner, the designer Dame 
Vivienne Westwood, has been a vocal member of the 
campaign and has produced T-shirts appealing for his freedom.

Speaking for the first time since McLaren’s death 
on Thursday, his son Joe Corre revealed the final 
message could have been inspired by a T-shirt 
worn to the hospital by the music manager’s stepson, Ben.

Joe said: ‘His last words were “Free Leonard 
Peltier”. Ben had a T-shirt with the slogan on 
and my father saw this and admired it.

‘He was proud of Ben for this and he had a sense 
of humour to the end. He smiled. My father was a 
very special person. A person who changed the 
world. I am incredibly proud of him.’


Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren dies in Switzerland aged 64

Joe said that in the final hours, his father had 
been in and out of consciousness, ‘but we had some good conversations’.

According to his wishes, McLaren will be buried 
in Highgate Cemetery, London, in his new suit.

The 64-year-old had been diagnosed with cancer 
some time ago, but it returned in October. After 
seeing specialists in Paris, London and New York, 
he travelled to Switzerland to seek a clinic providing alternative therapies.

The cancer was mesothelioma, a rare form that 
develops in the protective lining that covers 
many of the body’s internal organs. It is usually 
caused by exposure to asbestos.
American Indian Movement (AIM) activist Leonard Peltier

Prison: American Indian Leonard Peltier has no chance of release until 2024

Three weeks ago he checked himself into a clinic 
in Bellinzona in the south of the country, but on 
April 2 his condition deteriorated and he was admitted to a local hospital.

When he died, he was surrounded by his partner of 
ten years, Young Kim, 37, as well as Joe, his son 
by Dame Vivienne, and Ben, her son by first husband Derek.

Joe, 42, the co-founder of lingerie company Agent 
Provocateur, was yesterday arranging for his 
father’s body to be returned to the UK.

He said: ‘He had a very aggressive and rare form 
of cancer. No one knows how he contracted it. The 
most common cause is asbestos but he had never 
been in contact with that. Steve McQueen died of it too.

‘The standard cancer medicines and treatments 
either didn’t work or were too risky. It’s very 
difficult to treat. He found out he had cancer 
last October. I didn’t know about it. He kept it 
to himself. I was not informed until recently.

‘He saw a number of specialists
but in the end he 
decided to try alternative medicine. They looked 
at his diet and tried various types of treatment, 
including one involving mistletoe.

‘He responded to the treatment – it was quite 
effective. It was a three-week course and it made 
him feel much better. So a few weeks ago he 
decided to return. But he suddenly deteriorated.’

Joe said plans had yet to be made for the 
funeral, but so many people wanted to come it was 
likely there would be a family service and ‘another event’.
The Mandela of the tribes

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