[Ppnews] Statement On The Fatal Shooting of Imam Luquman Ameen Abdullah

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Fri Oct 30 12:24:52 EDT 2009

The International National Council for Urban (Formations) Peace, 
Justice and Empowerment

Statement On The Fatal Shooting of Imam Luquman Ameen Abdullah

We, as members of the International Council for Urban (Formations) 
Peace, Justice and Empowerment are appalled by the raids on Masjid 
Al-Haqq and a halal meat packing plant that left Imam Luquman Ameen 
Abdullah dead.  We are demanding an independent investigation into 
this action that is clearly the result of a climate of Islamaphobia 
fed by law enforcement and a media bent on sensationalism.  This 
complaint and the resulting raid are nothing more than government 
sponsored terrorism against a group that was working to help the 
community. This action is inconsistent with statements by President 
Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder which call for mutual 
respect for Muslims in the United States.

The inconsistencies in this investigation are glaring.  The case is 
based on the sworn statements of informants.  These informants were 
convicted criminals who were paid by the federal government for their 
"work". These criminals were used to engage and entrap law abiding citizens.

We have seen the media statements that Imam Abdullah was the head of 
a separatist group called Ummah, which means Brotherhood.   Ummah 
means community-not brotherhood.  Al-Ummah is not now, or has ever 
been, a Black Separatist and radical group, as any discrimination on 
the basis of skin color is forbidden in the Koran.  We as an 
organization have never heard Imam Abdullah make any statements 
consistent with the statements in the complaint.  We have never seen 
any actions that would be consistent with the allegations in the complaint.

The media has stated that there is a sign at the mosque that states 
that "There is no God but Allah".  There is only one god, who is 
known by many names in many cultures.  Why was this statement even mentioned?

The FBI has stated that this was not a terrorism case.  However, the 
investigation was conducted by a counter terrorism unit.  They 
mention threats against the government and the Federal Bureau of 
Investigation. Is this a terrorism case or not?

Much is also being made of the fact that many of the members of the 
Masjid Al-Haqq converted to Islam while in prison.  The inference is 
that, while they served their time in prison, sought to change their 
lives by developing a practicing faith-they have not really 
changed.  Much is also being made about Imam Jamil Al-Amin being the 
leader of Al-Ummah.  Various articles state that he is serving time 
in a federal prison facility for federal charges after murdering two 
police officers.  The fact is that those were state charges and he is 
being housed in a federal penitentiary on state charges.

All of the facts-not just the words of paid informants- need to be 
brought out in a clear and unbiased manner.  The fact is that Masjid 
Al-Haqq, under the direction of Imam Abdullah, fed the hungry, housed 
the homeless, worked with gangs and the formerly incarcerated to turn 
a crime ridden and drug infested neighborhood around to becoming a 
productive community.  The fact is that a complaint is not an 
indictment.  The fact is that the media is engaging in an 
Islamaphobic feeding frenzy.  The most disturbing fact is that a 
religious leader who reached out to his people and his community is 
dead, the victim of a society that sees anyone who is different as 

Amir El Hajj Khalid A. Samad and T. Rashad Byrdsong

On behalf of the International Council for Urban (Formations) Peace, 
Justice and Empowerment


Contact information;

Amir El Hajj Khalid A. Samad (216) 322-6059 or (216) 538-4043
T. Rashad Byrdsong (412) 371-5197

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