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Romaine “Chip” Fitzgerald needs our support. 
Please write and fax demanding his medical 
transfer and critically needed treatment!

From: Bruce Richard <BruceR at 1199.org>

Dear Friend and Family,

Attached is a letter demanding emergency medical 
treatment for an ex-Panther that I believe most 
of you are familiar with.  I am requesting that 
you sign off on this and fax it to 212-261-2455 
or if you could authorize me to sign off for you. 
The plan is to send a large number of these 
letters in to the prison demanding that treatment 
is provided. Your prompt attention to this matter 
would be much appreciated.  The fax letter is below.
Romaine “Chip” Fitzgerald, born and raised in 
Compton, California, joined the Southern 
California Chapter of the Black Panther Party in 
early 1969 as a teenager who had just been 
released from the California Youth Authority. In 
September of that year, as a dedicated member of 
the Party, Chip was arrested in connection with a 
police shoot-out and tried for assault on police 
and related charges, including the murder of a 
security guard. He was sentenced to death.

Ultimately, his sentence was commuted to life 
with parole. He has been in prison for nearly 40 years now.

Chip’s dedication to the cause of the liberation 
of black and all oppressed people has not wavered 
through all the years of his brutal incarceration. http://freechip.org/

Via Facsimile 760-337-7950

Warden Domingo Uribe, Jr.
Centinela State Prison
Imperial, California

             Re:      Immediate Medical Treatment 
and Transfer Romaine Fitzgerald­B27527

Dear Warden Uribe:

             This is a demand that you 
immediately provide Romaine Fitzgerald the 
emergency medical treatment he needs and transfer 
him to a proper medical facility for care.  Your 
denial of this urgent treatment and care is a 
blatant denial of his Constitutional rights, for 
which the California prison system has already 
been reprimanded by the Order of the federal district court.

             Mr. Fitzgerald, who has been 
incarcerated for 40 years and is now 60 years 
old, has made a request for a medical transfer 
numerous times because he is suffering extreme 
spinal pain and is partially paralyzed, arising 
from a stroke he experienced in 1998.  Indeed, 
over three years ago, prison doctors recommended 
corrective surgery, and, recently your own 
doctors supported that recommendation.  Every day 
his condition worsens on account of the barbaric 
conditions under which you presently house him in 
your administrative segregation unit.  The report 
of Dr. Marie Branch, based upon her examination 
of Mr. Fitzgerald in July of this year, confirms 
that the metal bed, extreme isolation and denial 
of proper exercise and denial of a neck support 
or even a pillow in that unit exacerbate his 
deteriorating condition.  Indeed, I believe if 
you continue to refuse to provide Mr. Fitzgerald 
proper treatment, he will soon suffer permanent paralysis.

             The Committee to Free Chip 
Fitzgerald is prepared to pay for any and all 
costs related to the services of a private doctor 
to treat Mr. Fitzgerald.  The Honorable Thelton 
E. Henderson, District Court Judge, and his 
appointed Receiver, J. Clark Kelso, are copied on 
this letter to alert them of these serious 
concerns and encourage them to closely monitor your response.

                                                 Very truly yours,

                                                 Name ________________________



cc:       J. Clark Kelso, Receiver, California Prison Health Care Services
             Matthew Cate, Secretary, California 
Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
             The Honorable Thelton E. Henderson, 
Judge, United States District Court
             Edmund G. Brown, Jr., Attorney General, State of California
             Prison Law Office, San Quentin, California

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